Publisher’s Synopsis:
Nothing is as unexpected as the way I can’t stop watching Crew Fox. This is all kinds of complicated, and probably wrong considering how long I’ve known him, but I can’t deny the way he captures my attention when he walks into a room. So I do what every person who has no self control and a simultaneous need to burn down their life would… I give into the desire.

A kiss in the rain–a secret tearing us both apart–still I can’t stay away. Crew makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. Something has to give. I either need to forget these blooming feelings or kiss my relationship with my son goodbye. There’s no way he’d understand how I feel about his best friend when I’ve no idea what’s happening. All I know is that suddenly I’ve become more than just sweatpant-sexual. I’m suddenly Crew-sexual.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Rogan & Crew’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Found this author on IG and when I saw Age Gap plus Best Friend’s Father/Son’s Best Friend, I wanted to read it immediately.

This one has spoilers because I don’t know how to write it without them.

This is super slow burn with a lot of world building and character development that I enjoyed. It didn’t feel like it dragged down the pacing and I liked getting to know Rogan (43) and Crew (27). They also spent a lot of time together so it wasn’t merely a physical attraction between them.

There is a lot of push/pull as they both fight their attraction: Crew initially thinking Rogan could never be interested, then Rogan worried about Ace’s reaction.

There’s a LOT of drinking. The three friends getting completely drunk on weekends is a regular occurrence and felt problematic. Though it’s a topic I’m pretty sensitive to so YMMV.

The biggest problem I had was Rogan’s son, Ace. I understood and somewhat sympathized with his nature/pain/immaturity – but it was too “much” for me. Especially his response to Rogan & Crew’s relationship. Not the initial shock/hurt – but taking over a year to even speak to his father & best friend diminished the epilogue for me.

I know it probably doesn’t sound like it, but I did enjoy 90% of this book. I plan to read more of Luther’s writing. Maybe even Ace’s book to see if he’s redeemed.

About the author:
Jamie Luther (formerly L. Luther) is a proud single parent of two wild children, who keep him on his toes. He started his journey as a writer the way many do; as an angst-ridden teen writing stories and poetry no one would ever see. In 2018, after twelve years as an avid reader of fan-fiction, Jamie tried his hand at writing his own. He found a particular interest in writing LGBTQ and gay romantic fiction. Now he’s a published author with four available works on Amazon and a plethora of ideas for more.

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