Sleeping Bear

His past had come for him. Everything he’d feared, everything he had run from had come for him.

Connor Sullivan
Sleeping Bear


Publisher’s Synopsis:

After her young husband’s untimely death, Army veteran Cassie Gale decides to take a few days of solitude in the Alaska wilderness before she starts her new job. But when she fails to show up on her first day and her dog is discovered injured at her wrecked campsite, her father knows that this is much more than a camping trip gone awry.

As it turns out, Cassie’s not the first person to disappear without a trace in the Alaska panhandle. Bears. Wolves. Avalanches. Frostbite. Starvation. There are many ways to die in here. But not all disappearances can be explained. Cassie’s is one of them, along with a number of other outdoor enthusiasts who have vanished in recent years.

Regaining consciousness in a Russian prison, Cassie finds herself trapped in a system designed to ensure that no one ever escapes alive. It will require all her grit and skills to survive. Meanwhile, her father rushes to outrun the clock, scouring thousands of acres, only to realize she’s been taken by a far more nefarious adversary—one with the power of the Eastern Bloc behind it. Ties to his past life, one full of secrets, threaten to surface. He knows there’s a price to be paid, but he’s determined it won’t be his daughter.

Point of view:
3rd person. Multiple perspectives

Rellim’s Thoughts:
What a fantastic debut by Connor Sullivan. Sleeping Bear is a fast paced and well developed political/espionage thriller. Great world building, unique characters – I enjoyed that Sullivan wrote from various perspectives, including several antagonists.

I liked that all the events, interesting on their own, layered to culminate in an epic finale. I was loathed to put the book down all the way through – but especially the last 20%.

No one is safe, beloved characters die. Lots of twists and turns – big summer blockbuster feels. The epilogue was great.

Narration note:
I originally started with the audiobook narrated by Hillary Huber. Unfortunately I didn’t click with her style, so I switched to reading it.

Content Warnings (possible spoilers):
suicide of MC’s spouse, the dog dies, detailed attacks & deaths

About the author:
You can connect with Connor Sullivan here:

My Favorite Quotes

He blames himself, Cassie. You can’t do the same. – Sleeping Bear by @CSullivanBooks #Thriller #Suspense

The knife trembled in her hand, and before she could run, she heard a loud piercing whistle from above. The whistle grew louder and louder until something landed with a resounding thunk at her feet. – Sleeping Bear by @CSullivanBooks #Thriller #Suspense

WHO IS WATCHING YOU, GI JANE! WHO IS WATCHING YOU! – Sleeping Bear by @CSullivanBooks #Thriller #Suspense

The best lies were the ones that were closest to the truth. – Sleeping Bear by @CSullivanBooks #Thriller #Suspense

She’s the sixteen hundred and forty-sixth person to have gone missing this year. – Sleeping Bear by @CSullivanBooks #Thriller #Suspense

His past had come for him. Everything he’d feared, everything he had run from had come for him. – Sleeping Bear by @CSullivanBooks #Thriller #Suspense

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