Jason: A New Haven Novel


Publisher’s Synopsis:

A year ago I decided to go and accept the house my grandfather left me to start a local LGBT shelter. Never in my life would I have expected for the one guy who stole my heart all those years ago to end up living in the same small town as me. Let alone be the cop that brings home one of my boys. Now the question is: Do I let him back in and give him my heart, or do I shut him out and protect my heart instead.


A few years ago I watched my best friend Jason Wood walk out the door. I had sworn that if he left, I wouldn’t ever chase him. After he shows up at my late wife’s funeral and flipped my world on its head, I run to a small town thinking I needed a new start with my kid far away from Jason. But fate had other ideas when I end up taking one of his kids home. Do I let him in and see what becomes of it and see if I can get my friend back or do I grab my kid and run again?

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Jason & Nathan’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
DNF – Saw this promoted in a FB group and I love Single Dad romance. Unfortunately I couldn’t even finish it. This book needs an editor. I don’t feel I’m super picky – Typos happen – but the spelling, punctuation, and rambling sentences are so bad that I had to keep rereading almost every paragraph to make sense of what was happening.

There’s continuity issues in the very first chapter. Fostering a child and adopting a child are two different things yet the author conflates them.

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