Inconvenient Attraction


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Their passion is against the rules…

But rules are meant to be broken.

Tech developer Cayden Baker has been blindsided by Avery Gray twice. It seems the stunning event planner who totaled his luxury car is also responsible for planning his elite charity event. And since he’s a member of the club where she works, fraternizing is strictly off-limits…though he’s never been one to follow others’ rules. Then Cayden discovers Avery’s involvement in a scandal that upended his life years ago. Will it change everything for them now, too?

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating between Cayden & Avery’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
My review is going to sound a lot like this one on Goodreads – but it encapsulates the strong disconnect I felt from the story and characters.

DNF at 30%. The cover – which is absolutely gorgeous – intimates curvy girl rep. There are so many comments about dieting, fasting, trying to lose weight, wanting to lose weight, has she lost weight? (he saw her YESTERDAY), etc. that would have turned me off even with a different cover.

As someone who has planned multiple events of various sizes & budgets – a lot of the details were odd. The Society (business fraternity) wants to host their biggest event ever, at a highly sought after venue, and on a holiday weekend so they give it to a *prospective* member with less than 3 months notice. Then Cayden literally invents a charity out of thin air and I can’t figure out who/how all *that* legwork is going to happen. The Society is also supposedly made up of the most elite businessmen in the world. Cayden’s a programmer who is working to launch an interface for some companies but he’s hardly “the best of the best”.

I get brand name dropping to emphasize the wealth of characters, but there was a LOT of it in the story. Especially Cayden’s internal thoughts which were overrun with cars and the fact that every time he described a car he used full make and model. These details are repetitive, bog down the story, and give Cayden self-absorbed vibes…which leads to:

I didn’t like Cayden. He’s hot and cold to her, bordering on verbally abusive at times. He’s rude to those he sees as beneath him. And high-fiving about “getting into panties” is beyond immature.

I was looking forward to this one and bummed it didn’t work out. I’m still going to check out book 2, The Nanny Game, because I love single dad and nanny romances.

Content Warnings (possible spoilers):
dieting, body comments

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