The Alpha’s Seduction

Did a similar rhythm beat in her breast; did she feel an answering tug on the other side of this unmistakable pull?

Marlowe Roy
The Alpha’s Seduction


Publisher’s Synopsis:
She thought the apocalypse took everything, but in a world dominated by ruthless Alphas, there’s always more to lose.

Della lived through the horrors of TheEnd. Dodging danger and violence for years, she survived with only her indominable independence to protect her. After finding a fragile peace in Morris Hill, she keeps to herself and guards her patched-up heart.

But when a mysterious Alpha with a sexy twang and arrogant swagger upends her quiet existence, she must choose: submit to him, or risk losing everything… again.

Haunted by the failures that destroyed his Pack, Cal wanders in self-imposed purgatory.

When a chance encounter brings him to Morris Hill, he finds everything he’s longed for, including an Omega that sings to his soul.

But everything is not what it seems, and when he uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the settlement, he’ll have to decide: stay and prove his loyalty to his newfound family, or take his omega and run.

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating between Cal & Della’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 2 in Marlowe Roy’s AfterEnd series. Cal & Della’s meeting and relationship is completely within this book and it stands well on it’s own – it does contain a few spoilers to book 1, The Alpha’s Salvation, and characters from that book feature in it. Definitely recommend reading them in order.

Ahhhhh! I absolutely loved this book. It has it all in terms of my favorite tropes/themes: age gap, fated mates, grumpy/sunshine, suspense/thriller aspects, a thorough seduction. Combined with the vivid writing, Roy beguiled me as thoroughly as Cal does Della. The pacing is terrific as well as the the wild swings in emotions – not only for Della & Cal, but for me as the reader. I laughed, cried, held my breath, and blushed profusely.

I could not have loved two characters more. Cal thinks he’s finally found a new home with the Morris Hill pack, especially when he scents older omega Della. I loved the contrast of his deceptively laid back (smirks galore!) affect with Della’s determination to be on the periphery of a pack she’s been part of for 20 years. Roy delicately and perfectly balances Alpha/Omega natures and fated mates with consent. It’s superficial initially, physical rapture in forced isolation. Both wanting to be closer but not share their pasts. Then – no spoiler – they are put through an unimaginable crucible. I adored the way it brought them even closer together and their HEA.

Content Warnings (spoilers):
Miscarriage (past), sexual assault (past, alluded to not graphic) pack battle (off page), peril, medical trauma (vividly described amputation)

I received an advanced copy of the ebook from the author and am leaving an honest review.

About the author:
Marlowe Roy is a Midwestern transplant living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her husband describes her dystopian omegaverse stories as “punchy and unboring.”  She writes late at night and on weekends and does not want to go for a hike.

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My Favorite Quotes

“The insistence on Omega consent was a unique innovation in the Morris Hill Pack.”

“her father’s tried-and-true advice: find what they want and give it to them in a way that gets you what you want.”

“Did a similar rhythm beat in her breast; did she feel an answering tug on the other side of this unmistakable pull?”

“How would she get the upper hand when every little thing brought her to her knees?”

“Della knew, deep in her soul, that another catastrophic heartbreak was the one thing her ravaged heart couldn’t endure.”

“She’d been ready to die with him, and now she might be forced to live without him.”

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