What Happens in Carolina

What’s happening in this moment feels so right and good I choose to listen to the warmth and strength of his arms around me.

Karen Grey
What Happens in Carolina

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2/23/2020 – Updated review for audio

Publisher’s Synopsis:
First, there’s only one office. Then, there’s only one bed. Then there’s only one condom.

I’m over the moon when I land my first-ever writing job on a new TV show that’s like, da bomb. So what if my old boss twisted her son’s arm to get me the job?

I’m not so enthused when I have to share an office the size of a broom closet with a grumpy guy who ignores me. I don’t care if he’s totally fly. I’ve got enough on my plate trying to come up with high concept storylines and punchy dialogue for hormone-filled teenagers—the actors and the characters—while being hazed in the writers’ room.

Things begin to heat up between us on a work trip to the gorgeous coastal filming location for our show, but when a hurricane threatens, sharing an office is the last thing we need to worry about.

Point of view:
1st Person. Alternating between Tina & George’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This novella is book 1.5 in Karen Grey’s Carolina Classics series. Some of the events are concurrent with those in book 1, You Get What You Give and also contains slight spoilers for it. Series is definitely best enjoyed in order.

Fun addition for fans of the series. I enjoyed George and Tina. They’re kind of opposites attract and find they have more in common than they realize. I admit I love forced proximity and “only one hotel room with only one bed” tropes, so this was great for me.

George is a bit of a gentle giant/quirky nerd and Tina is an empathic writer who is bucking her family’s vision for her life. Lots of laughs in this one as well as hunkering down during a hurricane. I adore that Tina loves what so many others have criticized George for.

They get a cute and somewhat open ended HFN. I’m hoping Grey will give us glimpses of them in future books. They’re an adorable couple.

I already love Carly Robins and she was a great fit for Tina. Bradley Ford is new-to-me and I loved him as George. Together these two made a great team that perfectly complimented Grey’s story.

I received an advanced copy of the ebook & audiobook from Home Cooked Books and am leaving an honest review.

About the author:
Karen Grey is the pen name for award-winning audiobook narrator Karen White. A stage, screen and radio drama actor in Boston, New York and Los Angeles in the late 20thcentury, she balanced child-rearing and career for most of the 2000’s. Now, she’s not only emptied her nest of children, she’s taken it and her many pets on the road, so she can spend more time with her nomadic TV sound mixer husband while she makes up happy-ending stories.

You can connect with Karen Grey here:

About the Narrators:
You can connect with Carly Robins here:

Bradley Ford is the Romance narration pseudonym for Zac Aleman. Zac is a voice actor and Narrator from Jacksonville, Florida. Before launching his voiceover career, he worked for years in the hospitality industry. He also has a background in teaching. Working in hospitality and education instilled in him the ability to communicate clearly with professionalism and empathy. 

His voice is described as professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and friendly. Zac offers a wide range of Voiceover services such as audiobooks, corporate narration, e-learning, explainer videos, on-hold messaging, IVR, medical narration, commercials, and government promotional videos.
(Rellim’s note: As a rule, I don’t post pseudonyms, but Aleman openly lists them on his website and social media)

My Favorite Quotes

“Ah, baby writers. Growing like Tribbles around here.”

“Not too different from what I did on the cartoons, I guess. Just twice as long, less hockey, fewer explosions and one hundred percent more talking about sex.”

“For once, the vision isn’t in cartoon. It’s all too real and all too tempting.”

“I grab him by the shirt and pull him back in for another taste.”

“I. Want. More. Kissing.”

“her demeanor polite in that Southern way where it sounds like they’re being nice but underneath the treacly tone you know they’re reveling in the fact that they get to torture you.”

“What’s happening in this moment feels so right and good I choose to listen to the warmth and strength of his arms around me.”

“The hunger in his voice has me suddenly breathless with need.”

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