A Pack for Christmas

I pray to the universe and the magical holiday spirits that this time things go my way.

Jillian West
A Pack for Christmas


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Three years ago, Everly Chastain headed home for Christmas with the pack she thought would be her future. By New Year’s Day she headed back to New York alone. Within a year, her younger sister was bonded and pregnant.

“Family comes first.” That’s what her family said, and Everly took it to heart. She shook off the pain and plastered on fake smiles to keep the peace. But with her sister pregnant for the second time in three years, Everly is determined to finally find her forever pack and start a family of her own.

When Everly’s second match through the government-run Omega Protection Authority falls through, she turns to the private sector. The Exchange offers a safe place for omegas to ride out their heat and a chance to be matched.

But Everly found a flaw in the system. She’s got a secret, and one way or another she plans to leave her vacation with the best gift she can imagine.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Everly, Luke, Murphy, Connor & Archer’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Another fun and sexy omegaverse book by Jillian West. A Pack for Christmas is launching The Exchange series where each book will feature a different Omega & Pack looking to find their HEA at a unique location. West is fantastic at differentiating all the characters so that they have distinct personalities and mannerisms. Sprinkling in a lot of humor, determined & driven yet respectful Alphas, and all the steam that comes with a pack of 5.

I was immediately rooting for Everly to find her HEA. Poor thing has been through so much to find love and security. Little does she know – but some folks have been conspiring to make her dreams come true in ways she never imagined. I was also completely enamored with her potential pack. Luke, Murphy, Connor, and Archer are such fun characters. They also each bring their own baggage, but it’s quickly obvious (to most of them – silly Connor) that it’s going to be a great match. I loved the courting where she gets individual and group dates with the guys. Murphy was the stand out for me. His protective nature has him plotting some really unique consequences for anyone threatening Everly’s happiness.

I also like that West added several epilogues for those of us that enjoy pregnancies & babies – but folks who like to skip that can still enjoy a full story and just stop before those. I love epilogues and it was neat to get to check in on this pack months and years into the future and from various perspectives.

Easy to read in the best ways. I was just lost in the story and didn’t want to put it down until I was finished. Delightful.

Content Warnings:
West has a comprehensive list at the beginning of the book. Be sure to check that out.

About the author:
You can connect with Jillian West here:

My Favorite Quotes

“If I can’t find a forever pack, maybe I can at least leave with the best gift my aching heart can imagine?”

“I pray to the universe and the magical holiday spirits that this time things go my way.”

“I’m scared of letting myself trust someone again, because as soon as I do they leave me.”

“”We should buy that large animal sanctuary soon so it doesn’t look suspicious down the line.””

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