This man could make me lose myself. I knew it as well as I knew myself.



Publisher’s Synopsis:
He was his daddy’s son.

Eli “Maestro” Lewis has prepared himself to run the kingdom of Smoke Enterprises. The plan was to allow his father time to rest and live out his golden years with his new love, but someone wanted his father back in the game, and his father, Smoke, was all too happy to show Pittsburgh how he earned his name. They said where there’s Smoke, there’s fire, and now the city was up in flames. Eli had major problems with that. For one, his pops shouldn’t have been running around the city like he was Shaft, risking his life and all he worked hard for, and two, he was more than capable of handling all this trouble on his own. If only his pops would let him.

Being the prince wasn’t always easy, and neither was finding love during a war. But he’d deal with all that. Like he always did. That’s how he earned his name.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Eli & Mena.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 2 in Aja’s Enigma series. While this completely covers Eli & Mena’s romance arc, there’s a mystery element that begins in book 1, Smoke. Definitely best enjoyed after that.

This was so good I read it all in one day. The pacing was perfection. I love the way Aja wove together and balanced the romance, mystery, and action scenes. Eli is definitely the focus along with the Lewis family’s business dealings. Though, I still felt like I got to know Mena as well. While she’s running her own legit business, she grew up in the life and morally gray world he helps rule – so they’re able to connect in a unique way. It’s fun watching a determined bachelor fall. 😉

Aja’s ability to make criminals relatable and human is really top notch. I also like the snarky humor she sprinkles in. This is definitely a family and you feel the love and affinity despite their rough demeanors. I enjoyed getting to catch up with Smoke and Aaliyah as well. Eli & Mena get a little bit of a romantic suspense element finale and the book ends on their HFN.

I’m looking forward to Sarai’s book, Slick.

Content Warnings:
Aja has a “Dear Reader” before the start of the book that goes into detail (without spoilers!) about what to expect.

About the author:
You can connect with Aja here:

My Favorite Quotes

“If someone didn’t come along and calm her ass down, this city would not only go up in flames, but it would also disappear from her rage.”

“I don’t know why when this world was as crazy and dangerous as it was, I felt like I would be safer with him than with anyone else tonight.”

“That love shit wasn’t gonna happen to me.”

“This man could make me lose myself. I knew it as well as I knew myself.”

“Time and affection are easy to give when your priorities are straight.”

“One day soon we’d have to discuss her starting to carry her gun again. She told me she stopped when she considered killing the last guy that cheated on her.”

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