You Are Mine

Everything in the universe is designed and prepared. But when it gets to the finish line, destiny wants to rush things.

Amy Oliveira
You Are Mine


Publisher’s Synopsis:
I’m the seventh sister of the most legendary coven in history.  All the seven of us have gifts. Super special, supernatural gifts.

Mine is the worst.

I’m Marnie Morales and while my sisters can do all kinds of things, I can recognize my soulmate.

That’s it.

No telekinesis. No premonitions or anything useful. Nope. All I’ve got are glimpses of my soulmate and because nothing is easy my soulmate is…

Well, nineteen years older, the CEO of the biggest PR company in the country and totally out of my league. And god, the man is difficult!

But I know we were meant to be together even if a curvy little baker isn’t anything like he imagined for himself.

Fate is a funny little thing, you see. You can’t fight it.

Grayson is mine and I’m about to let him know.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Marnie & Grayson’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Fun supernatural/PNR novella launching a new series (and pen name) for Amy Oliveira.

This was a lot of my favorite tropes/themes: age gap (41/22), grumpy/sunshine, human/paranormal, quirky heroine, low angst, and so freaking funny. Marnie is a witch whose only power is to see soulmates for people. She’s known who her own is & exactly when she’ll meet him. Which makes for hilarious interactions because she’s so sure of her place in his life and Grayson is sort of bowled over. Attraction is there, but he fights it a little because they’re so different.

This is definitely fated mates and while I know it’s a short novella, I would have liked just a bit more “getting to know you” for them – but this kind of ends on an HFN, so I’m hoping there will be more Grayson and Marnie as the series goes on. Marnie is one of 7 sisters and it seems each sister is going to get their own book. Easy read, fun characters, and super sexy. Pilar’s book (under Oliveira’s pen name Scarlett Reyes) is up next and with the bomb she drops at the end of this one, I’m ready!

About the author:
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My Favorite Quotes

“The man was nineteen years older than me, millions richer, and recently single after a divorce. The odds were against us. But fate is a funny little thing, it doesn’t care.”

“The universe is big and each action can have a million ramifications. Remember, magic is like a spider web. One thing has to connect to the other.”

“This little thing, nineteen years younger. A cupcake maker was going to destroy me, and I knew I’d die happy.”

“Everything in the universe is designed and prepared. But when it gets to the finish line, destiny wants to rush things.”

“I was so busy hating my power I never really paid attention to it.”

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