My Cone and Only

Wyatt kissed like a man who loved kissing—not just as a means to an end, but as a pleasure in its own right.

Susannah Nix
My Cone and Only


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Wyatt King isn’t looking for love … because he’s already found it. 

Too bad the woman of his dreams is off-limits. He’s not going to be the jerk who messes around with his best friend’s little sister, so he keeps his feelings bottled up and settles for acting as her protector instead. 

Andie Lockhart’s dreamed of kissing Wyatt for as long as she’s known what kissing is. But she’s long since accepted he’ll never see her as anything more than his best friend’s tomboy little sister. 

When a real estate developer threatens the beloved old house Andie inherited from her grandmother, her white knight Wyatt swoops in with his handyman skills to save the day. But the more time they spend working on the house together, the harder it becomes to ignore their irresistible attraction. 

Until the night an accidental kiss blows the lid off those feelings they’ve both kept buried. 

After that, things between them get a lot hotter—and a lot more complicated. Forbidden love, broken promises, family secrets, and jealousy all threaten to tear them apart. If he wants to hold on to the woman he loves, Wyatt will have to put everything on the line.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Wyatt & Andie’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is the 1st book in Susannah Nix’s King Family series. I think this might be a spin-off from another series, but that didn’t hinder my enjoyment. (Though now I would love to hear how some of those couples got together.).

I love Brother’s Best Friend/Best Friend’s Sister trope as well as friends to lovers and they were both in full force here. Wyatt King is the black sheep of his ice cream empire family and trying to carve his own path in life. Andie Lockhart is Josh’s (his best friend) sister, but also a close friend in her own right. Josh made it clear years ago that he didn’t want Wyatt and Andie together. Wyatt’s been living a life of no new attachments since. Wyatt’s kind of a mess on other fronts – a lot stemming from his chaotic family, disinterest in the family business, and his less than ideal father.

Toss in another favorite trope of forced proximity while Wyatt does repairs on Andie’s house and this was just a great set up for me. These two finally get together and realize how perfect they are for each other. While there is a “third act breakup”, I like that it’s resolved quickly and Wyatt’s grand gesture is adorable. I do wish that Wyatt had done a little more self-examination & acknowledgement of some of his behavior outside of his relationship with Andie. Nix did a lot to build those up and then just kind of left them out there semi-unresolved, perhaps they’ll play in future books more.

Loved the epilogue and am excited for more King siblings to get their HEA. I can’t wait for Lucy & Tanner’s book, Cream and Punishment, next.

I’m swoony over Amanda Stribling & Chris Brinkley’s narration. They’re both so talented and paired together with this small Texas town’s residents – it’s absolute perfection. A dream to listen to.

Content Warnings (possible spoilers):
excessive drinking (getting repeatedly drunk) & marijuana use by MC

I received a copy of the audiobook from Home Cooked Books and am leaving an honest review.

About the author:

SUSANNAH NIX is a RITA® Award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of rom-coms and contemporary romances who lives in Texas with her husband. On the rare occasions she’s not writing, she can be found reading, knitting, lifting weights, drinking wine, or obsessively watching Ted Lasso on repeat to stave off existential angst.

You can connect with Susannah Nix here:

About the narrators:
Amanda Stribling is a southern gal and home sweet home in Music City – aka Nashville, Tennessee.  She is living her best life with her husband and the most fabulous set of twins on the planet. She feels like she is the luckiest girl alive – She gets to read amazing books for a living! 

You can connect with Amanda Stribling here:

Chris Brinkley is an experienced narrator, voice actor, writer, producer, NCAA Division I broadcaster, radio personality, and emcee.  Brinkley penned the recently released My Story of Us book and audio series.  He is also known as the voice of Penny Reid’s Winston Brothers Series, narrating and voicing all six brothers in the popular audiobook collection. Brinkley narrates Reid’s Handcrafted Mystery Series and the Smartypants Romance Green Valley Chronicles.  Chris portrays Eliot in the critically acclaimed Audible Original Sweet Talk.  He is currently one of the top narrators on Kevin Costner’s HearHere travel app and is heard weekly on the Curio audio journalism app.  As the voice of several documentaries seen on the History Channel (D-Day in HD) and PBS, he brings a trustworthiness and credibility to his delivery that captures the essence of the filmmaker’s vision. He co-produced, wrote, and hosted two nationally syndicated radio shows heard on stations throughout the US.  With a varied communications background and extensive vocal repertoire, Chris possesses unparalleled experience and unique, vocal versatility.

You can connect with Chris Brinkley here:

My Favorite Quotes

“I sensed it the moment Wyatt walked into the room. Like an electrical charge or a change in barometric pressure, I could always feel when he was near.”

“Such a small, insignificant movement. Just a matter of a couple inches. But it was the difference between a kiss on the cheek and a kiss on the lips. Which was all the difference in the world.”

“Good grits required patience and a cavalier attitude about your cholesterol levels.”

“I had real feelings for Wyatt—serious, squishy, possibly even love kinds of feelings that I’d never had for anyone before.”

“Wyatt kissed like a man who loved kissing—not just as a means to an end, but as a pleasure in its own right.”

““You finally let yourself care about something enough to fight for it.””

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