Hey, Lover

My heart, my mind, my soul have wanted you to walk back into my life for a long time now.

DL White
Hey, Lover


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Struggle isn’t love.

At least, that’s what a broken Malik Hines told himself when he walked away from the love of his life, just as her career was on the rise. With any luck, he would have time and space to dig himself out of a dark hole. Healing, rebuilding, launching his Game Studio and writing his premier game took time. Suddenly, it had been nearly a decade since they last spoke.
Seeing her in the media stirs up a long harbored desire to reconnect, and Malik takes the biggest chance of his life. Could that door open again?

After taking over her father’s company, India Parker is on the hunt for the next big thing to push her company forward. In the background of her success, there is loneliness. Longing. And the feeling that there’s a large part of her life that has been on pause.

When a surprise gift arrives at her office, it reminds her of the man she used to love and would like to love again. The choice to open that door and press play…is hers.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Malik & India’s perspective.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Super sexy second chance romance. While Malik & India had a relationship seven years ago, they haven’t talked since Malik walked away. I normally don’t like the “I’m breaking up with you because I’m not worthy of you” trope. However I liked the way White handles it here. Malik did some work on himself and has found a measure of success. He decides he wants India back.

This was fairly low angst with most of the drama coming from secondary characters. I enjoyed a successful and sure female main character paired with the sexy gamer/programmer. Having gamed for years with my kids, it was fun to read a book with what it’s like to bring a new game to the market. It was a sweet and (fans self) steamy reunion for these two.

I liked the epilogue to solidify their HEA.

About the author:
DL White began pursuing a writing career in 2011 after enjoying a lifetime of reading and hobby writing. In 2015, she published Brunch at Ruby’s, an upmarket fiction novel about three lifelong best friends and the soul food cafe at the center of their friends. Since then, she has published ten Black romance and women’s fiction titles in ebook, print and audio formats with more to come.

DL has a legendary love for coffee, fried chicken, and brunch, especially on a patio. Her true obsession is water: lakes, rivers, oceans, waterfalls! 
When not writing books, she devours them. She publishes reviews and thoughts on writing and books on the blog and publishes short fiction on her podcast.

DL lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can connect with DL White here:

My Favorite Quotes

“A woman didn’t need to be in love to have an orgasm.”

“how I feel about you… it’s more than fleeting thoughts and nervous butterflies and daydreaming.”

“I was more than ready to be consumed by him.”

“My heart, my mind, my soul have wanted you to walk back into my life for a long time now.”

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