Cream and Punishment

Against all odds, I’d found the person who completed me and made me whole.

Susannah Nix
Cream and Punishment


Publisher’s Synopsis:
She’s not just my ex-girlfriend. She’s my new coworker. 

I knew Lucy Dillard was The One the first time I met her. Yes, I’m enough of a sap to believe in love at first sight. When I fell for Lucy, I fell hard. Everything was great between us—until the moment she dumped me. 

Now I just want to forget about her. Instead, I’m stuck staring at her face all day. But I need this job, so I’ll find a way to be civil and professional. 

There’s just one small problem: I’m nowhere close to being over her.

First, we were lovers. Then enemies. Now we’re trying to work together. 

I didn’t set out to break Tanner King’s heart, but you know what they say about the road to hell. 

I’ve got too many responsibilities and no room in my life for love. I can deal with Tanner’s resentment until he starts working at the desk directly across from mine. Obviously, a truce of some kind is required. We’re both grownups. We can handle this situation like professionals. 

There’s only one thing threatening this fragile peace we’ve negotiated: all these inconvenient feelings I apparently still have for him. 

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Lucy & Tanner’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 2 in Susannah Nix’s King Family series. While this is Tanner & Lucy’s complete story, there are a few events and some family information that makes this best enjoyed after book 1, My Cone and Only. As such this review may contain spoilers to that book.

I enjoyed Tanner and Lucy’s second chance romance. They’d only split 6 months ago – but when work brings them together again, they both realize they had vastly more to learn about each other. Much of it is how much they actually have in common dealing with manipulative parents and struggles with forging their own futures.

The King family patriarch strikes again (I won’t ruin the shocking revelation) and the only good thing I can say about the man is that it definitely brings his kids closer together.

I was again tickled at all the Texas references (HEB and any business being named “Post Oak”) giving me warm fuzzies.

While it was a little painful, fortunately Nix didn’t torture them too long, Lucy & Tanner both learn to stand up for themselves and find their HEA. Lots of updates on the family, including Wyatt & Andie, as well as more page time for Ryan, Josie, and Nate. Speaking of Ryan! Nix teases his book in the epilogue and I’m beyond excited for his story, Pint of Contention.

I’m thrilled Amanda Stribling and Chris Brinkley are at the helm again. They’re a perfect match for Nix’s writing and complement each other well. So easy to get lost in these characters.

I received a copy of the audiobook from Home Cooked Books and am leaving an honest review.

About the author:

SUSANNAH NIX is a RITA® Award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of rom-coms and contemporary romances who lives in Texas with her husband. On the rare occasions she’s not writing, she can be found reading, knitting, lifting weights, drinking wine, or obsessively watching Ted Lasso on repeat to stave off existential angst.

You can connect with Susannah Nix here:

About the narrators:
Amanda Stribling is a southern gal and home sweet home in Music City – aka Nashville, Tennessee.  She is living her best life with her husband and the most fabulous set of twins on the planet. She feels like she is the luckiest girl alive – She gets to read amazing books for a living! 

You can connect with Amanda Stribling here:

Chris Brinkley is an experienced narrator, voice actor, writer, producer, NCAA Division I broadcaster, radio personality, and emcee.  Brinkley penned the recently released My Story of Us book and audio series.  He is also known as the voice of Penny Reid’s Winston Brothers Series, narrating and voicing all six brothers in the popular audiobook collection. Brinkley narrates Reid’s Handcrafted Mystery Series and the Smartypants Romance Green Valley Chronicles.  Chris portrays Eliot in the critically acclaimed Audible Original Sweet Talk.  He is currently one of the top narrators on Kevin Costner’s HearHere travel app and is heard weekly on the Curio audio journalism app.  As the voice of several documentaries seen on the History Channel (D-Day in HD) and PBS, he brings a trustworthiness and credibility to his delivery that captures the essence of the filmmaker’s vision. He co-produced, wrote, and hosted two nationally syndicated radio shows heard on stations throughout the US.  With a varied communications background and extensive vocal repertoire, Chris possesses unparalleled experience and unique, vocal versatility.

You can connect with Chris Brinkley here:

My Favorite Quotes

“Six months ago, I’d told Lucy Dillard I loved her, and she’d responded by dumping me like a used condom.”

“Could you report someone to human resources for singing the baby shark song at work?”

“I’m yours if you want me.”

“Against all odds, I’d found the person who completed me and made me whole.”

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