Legal Trouble

I want you looking at me when I make you come undone.

Staci Warren
Legal Trouble


1/21/2023 – At the time of this review – the ebook is available for free directly from the author.

Publisher’s Synopsis:
She’s a take-charge lawyer. He’s a wealthy businessman. When dangerous relatives come calling, will their connection lead to peril or love?

Emma Morgan overcame childhood abuse through sheer grit. After making partner at a prestigious law firm, she’s stunned to land the role of top attorney to a playboy billionaire. But as she starts to fall for the gorgeous man, she fears following her heart’s desires could be a career-killing escapade.

Noah Whitlow has no time for a personal life. Traumatized by a teenage tragedy, he’s backburnered romantic commitments as he focuses on repairing the tarnished reputation of his family’s company. But when the alluring woman who’s been frequenting his dreams walks into the office as his new counsel, he craves something more intimate than a professional relationship.

Finally daring to take a chance on happiness, Emma’s stable world wavers when sudden dangers cast doubt on her handsome client’s trustworthiness. And even as Noah’s drama with evil-minded relatives escalates, he can’t bear to lose the budding passion with his ideal woman.

Will the skeletons in their closets ruin their chance to build a future together?

Point of view:
3rd person. Alternating between Noah & Emma’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 1 in the Texas Hearts series by Staci Warren.

What a great mix of romance, drama, and a little suspense. I loved the pairing of CEO and lawyer. Noah & Emma are sort of opposites attract when it comes to background – he’s from a wealthy family with great parents while she grew up poor, with a deceased mother and abusive father. However, they’ve both had devastating events in their past that leave them both a little scarred and hesitant to trust in relationships. They’re also educated, competent, & committed to their respective fields.

While things move fairly quickly between them, jumping from just meeting to love in a few dates – it works. Partially because it is so different from what they’re used to and they both recognize how special the other is.

I have to admit that I might have fallen in love with Noah’s parents before the MCs. Junior & Esme we’re such great secondary characters. Really, the supporting cast was well developed and I’m looking forward to more of all of them in coming books.

There are a lot of revelations (won’t spoil anything) and I like the way Warren wove them all through the story.

The epilogue was so sweet and I’m jumping into book 2, Operation Remember Us, this week.

Content Warnings (possible spoilers):
abusive family, death of family member, death of friend by suicide (past), imprisoned family member, multiple attacks against MCs (including physical assault & arson)

About the author:
Staci loves books. Writing them. Reading them. Whatever! She especially loves romances set in the deep south. Southern belles falling in love with sexy heroes in the sprawling countryside…

Yes, yes, and yes, please!

Her love of writing came later in life, after the tedium of the day job took its toll. Hours a day alone in a tiny office with only the voices in her head for company, her mind journeyed to faraway places and spun tales of love and happily-ever-after. One day, she decided to put her stories to paper and never looked back.

These days, she calls the Natural State home. When she’s not writing, she works in healthcare at a local children’s hospital and tends to her home menagerie, which includes 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 mice, 2 kids, and 1 husband.

You can connect with Staci Warren here:

My Favorite Quotes

“The world couldn’t withstand two Gwen Gregorys.”

“She’s smart, a barracuda in court, and speaks three languages. She’s the entire package.”

“She’d knocked him entirely off his game when he needed to be at his best.”

“I want to take you inside and explore every inch of your body, a thousand times over, but alas, we have somewhere to be.”

“His need for her coalesced with affection, propelling their kiss higher and hotter until he had to force himself to pull back so that he didn’t end up taking her here and now.”

“I want you looking at me when I make you come undone.”

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