Long Night at Lake Never

His entrance had been concealed by thunder and his own unearthly aura of silence.

Eric David Roman
Long Night at Lake Never


Publisher’s Synopsis:
Welcome to Camp Horizons, where they pray all day…and get slayed all night!

Nestled against scenic Lake Never, recently outed Tyler Wills has arrived at the secluded conversion camp, where the delusional staff of counselors believes he and his fellow camper’s queer affliction can be healed solely through the power of prayer.

After a full day spent rallying against sadistic deprogramming therapies, the deranged camp director, and planning his escape, Tyler discovers a larger problem—a mysterious stranger has rolled into camp with a grudge to settle and a very sharp axe.

When night falls, the terror and body count rise. And Tyler, along with his fellow campers, find themselves trapped between a brutal, unrelenting killer and their holier-than-thou prey as they desperately search for a way to survive the Long Night at Lake Never.

Point of view:
3rd person. Various perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
My first book by Eric David Roman and it was great. Horror set at a conversion (Pray the gay away) camp. It’s everything I love about 70s/80s slasher flicks with a modern day setting. I enjoyed Roman’s writing – the set up, characters, and gore were well developed and engaging. Easy and fun read.

About the author:
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My Favorite Quotes

“And Mr. Wills, why are you here?”
“Your shithole camp popped up first on my father’s Google search.”

“The deepest betrayal from the one person supposed to love and protect him over all others.”

“His entrance had been concealed by thunder and his own unearthly aura of silence.”

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