Football Sundae

the safe, warm, tight sensation of falling asleep in his big strong arms doesn’t compare fairly to anything in the world.

Daryl Banner
Football Sundae


Publisher’s Synopsis:
College football star Tanner Strong returns to his small country hometown of Spruce, Texas for the summer. Despite his discouragement by the tough competition at school, he puts on a smile in front of his family and old friends, determined to keep up his image of success. Summers are meant for relaxing, right?

That’s going to prove difficult when he reunites with the cute and smart-as-a-whip Billy Tucker, his former classmate, who stayed behind to help at his parents’ country diner. And when Tanner has a taste of Billy’s off-the-menu delicacy, he discovers more than just a sweet tooth for the budding dessert chef.

Football Sundae is the first book in a series of southern romances that each center on a different couple in the bright, charming small town of Spruce, Texas.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Billy & Tanner’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is my first time reading Daryl Banner and it was a hit. Football Sundae is book 1 in the Spruce Texas series.

I picked this because I was looking to dive into another series set in my beloved home state of Texas. It’s so much fun to read characters and dynamics I recognize. This is perfect for lovers of low angst, small town, New Adult, opposites attract, and slightly OTT humor.

Tanner and Billy were just adorable. Separately and together. Most of the angst comes from Tanner not being out to anyone and admitting his attraction to Billy. Poor Billy doesn’t even know he’s being hit on. Such a sexy, fun, and sweet relationship develops.

Not only are these two a lot of fun, but the secondary characters are great. Especially Tanner’s friends. They may be kinda clueless and unintentionally insensitive but they’re trying and definitely supportive. I also love the way Banner handles Billy and Tanner being so close to their families while also trying to launch into their own lives.

Great HEA and sweet epilogue. I’m definitely looking forward to more of the series.

About the author:
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My Favorite Quotes

“How can someone’s gaze be so intense?”

“It’s so perfect, how our mouths join, that I don’t know whether it’s him leading me, or me leading him.”

“the safe, warm, tight sensation of falling asleep in his big strong arms doesn’t compare fairly to anything in the world.”

“That’s really the worst part about coming out. You don’t do it just once; you have to do it again and again, your whole life.”

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