Publisher’s Synopsis:
Repeat after me. No touching the rookie. No kissing the rookie. No having sex with the rookie on your breakfast table.

Firefigher Casey Jensen is having a bad day. Okay, a bad week because he just found out his ex girlfriend moved on to his boss. His mood isn’t the best, and the last thing he needs is another woman in his life.

Enter Bianca Lincoln, the academy’s newest graduate, whose assigned to his firehouse as of today. She’s the freaking sunshine to his grumpy soul. Every time he looks at her, all he can think about is pinning her to the wall and having a taste.

Once burned twice shy, it’ll take an act of God to convince him otherwise. . . wait, is that a tornado?

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Yikes. I wouldn’t have grabbed this if I realized it was AI narration. This is the perfect example of why AI isn’t a good option. The delivery is flat, there’s no differentiation between character voices, mispronunciation of basic words (“errr” instead of the individual letters “E.R” in a medical drama is a big miss, lives pronounced as the multiple of life instead of residence/“liv”). Proper nouns (locations, names) pronounced differently in the next sentence. I hope the author didn’t pay money for this – Siri has more skill.

Note: Yes, I now realize it says “Narrated by Mike from Google” on the cover – but that was illegible from the app on my phone.

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