“I swear, it’s going to be fine,” I tell him. “Just feed me skittles and make me come, Yum.”

Lainey Davis

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Publisher’s Synopsis:
Liam Brady has no chill. He’s a guy who irons his underwear and checks people’s math for a living. When his family business hires a creative writer for a marketing project, he is not prepared to spend time with a woman who keeps candy in her pockets and always asks people uncomfortable questions.

Maddie Parker is barely holding it together. Laid off from her long-term newspaper job, she’s desperate to finance her health insurance. Insulin’s expensive, and when Maddie’s friend Nicole lands her a job writing about a group of grouchy engineers, Maddie signs on the dotted line.

While Liam shows her the ropes, Maddie pushes all his buttons. Actually, she starts to fantasize about unbuttoning Liam’s top button. Meanwhile, he can’t stop thinking about her red lips…even if she gets cracker crumbs in his car. A summer storm finally washes away their resistance to one another, but their night of passion has unexpected consequences.

Can Liam learn the difference between overbearing and caring? Can Maddie overcome her own fears about her diabetes to see herself through Liam’s eyes?

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating chapters between Maddie & Liam’s perspective.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 2 in the Brady Family series by Lainey Davis. While you can enjoy this on its own, I think it’s best enjoyed after book 1, Foundation. (This series is a spin-off from Davis’ Stag Brothers series & I also think it would be nice, but not necessary, to have listened to Fragile Illusion as well.)

I absolutely loved this book. I know much of it is that I’m married to a Type 1 diabetic and I could relate to both Maddie and Liam. This book so accurately captured what it’s like to be diagnosed young, how that impacts the way you relate to your family, how & when you share your diabetes with others, pump & CGM details… and what it’s like to be the partner to a diabetic.

Maddie is best friends with Liam’s brother’s girlfriend. When Maddie works on a short term project at Beltane Engineering, Liam is assigned to help her with meeting their clients. Sparks fly and it’s not long that these two give in. Unfortunately Liam’s fastidiousness and inquisitive nature combined with poor word choices collide with Maddie’s need to be in control of her own life.

There’s some bumps in the road and a big surprise as these two learn to communicate effectively. While I don’t normally like dragged out angst/arguments between the MCs – it worked well for me here. This relationship was very new when “the big thing” happened and they needed time and progress so I could feel their HEA.

There’s also lots of laughs, great sex scenes both steamy and including the very real annoyance of a blood sugar crash, and fun interaction with all the secondary characters. I loved the epilogue and can’t wait for Kellen’s story, Inspection.

I love Tom Taylorson & Carly Robins and I love them paired together even more. Their styles really compliment each other. They’re both great at all the emotions that Davis’s writing throws at them. It was the perfect listen.

About the author:
Lainey Davis lives in Pittsburgh with her husband, her feral sons, and rescued rabbits. She writes steamy, contemporary love stories with grouchy heroes, strong heroines, and plenty of fiascos. She’s excited to find out how much coffee is too much.

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About the narrators:
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Tom Taylorson is a veteran voice actor with decades of experience in commercials, video games, animation, and audiobooks. His clients range from Hyundai to McDonalds, from Blizzard to Warner Brothers Games, to Disney and LucasFilm Animation and beyond.  He’s also an award winning audiobook narrator. 

My Favorite Quotes

“She’s intriguing and real. She radiates honesty and truth. She’s certainly memorable. I’m stunned that I didn’t notice her before.”

“Liam is like a brick wall, a frowny brick wall.”

“I want to see him unravel. I want to fray his edges and see what happens when Liam Brady finally lets go.”

“I swear, it’s going to be fine,” I tell him. “Just feed me skittles and make me come, Yum.”

“Play your cards right along the hike, and I’ll give you a handy in here later,” I tease. His eyes widen, and I realize I’ve just discovered structural engineering porn exists.”

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