Safe Haven

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Publisher’s Synopsis:
Who knew that two words could shatter every hope and dream Briar had for her future.

You’re pregnant.

Most omegas dream of this, but the only thing Briar can think about is that awful night. While she suffers alone, her attacker gets to flaunt his perfect life in her face.

Until his assistant finds out her secret.

Now she finds herself being exiled from not only her dream job, but her home and city. The betrayal cuts so much deeper when her family is the one to put the final nail in the coffin that was her life.

Her brother, and only ally left, calls on his best friend. She knows no pack will want her, she’s carrying another alpha’s baby, she’s damaged goods. To her relief, the pack agrees.

But when she tries to get them to drop her off at the omega shelter, they refuse. Instead they offer her a temporary place to stay while she decides what to do next. The problem is that with each passing day she spends with the pack, she gets more attached.

When she agrees to be their date to a charity event, she didn’t expect it to change their lives. Secrets are revealed and when her attacker crosses her path again, she quickly realizes that her happy ending may be ripped away for good.

Will her new pack claim her as their own, or will she be forced to live a life she never wanted?

Point of view:
1st Person. Alternating perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
DNF @ 60%

This was recommended when I was searching for Why Choose with MM & MMF included. It does have that and it started off good, but then quickly fell flat for me.

At first the MMCs are superficially distinct, but once James starts writing from their perspectives they’re nearly indistinguishable. I don’t really feel the attraction between Briar and each of the guys. The sex scenes seem to come out of nowhere.

Having finished more than half the book, I would have hoped to feel connected to the characters individually and have a better grasp of the Pack dynamic, but I just didn’t.

Content Warnings (possible spoilers & only up to the point where I DNF):
Briar is sexually assaulted by her boss and this results in a pregnancy. She’s then kicked out of her house & City by her parents after they receive hush money from the man.

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