Omega Sanctuary

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Publisher’s Synopsis:
The Omega Sanctuary had one job, find and protect omegas.

They failed.

I expected to spend my life as a simple baker and overlooked beta. After failing every test to see if I was a fabled alpha or omega, I embraced the quiet beta life.

Unfortunately, my body had other plans. Flung into a pre-heat state only omegas experience, my dreams go up in flames. Along with my sex drive.

Rushed off to the Omega Sanctuary, I have to bond an alpha before my first heat comes, and with it, uncontrollable magic. Except my scent is so subtle, the only men who will give me a second glance are forbidden.

A guardian oath-bound to the Order of the Silver Lion. A flirtatious omega, and his older and oh so much wiser alpha. A disdainful prince who is more worried about politics than pack.

With shadowy forces kidnapping omegas straight from their temples, it’s never been a more dangerous time to be an omega.

If I have any hope of protecting those I love, I’ll have to become the omega I never wanted to be to do the impossible.

Unite these men into a pack.

Omega Sanctuary is a fantasy non-shifter sweet omegaverse romance with magic. It’s the first of two novels.

Point of view:
1st person. Mostly from Zara’s perspective

Rellim’s Thoughts:
DNF @ 40%

While I really like the premise – there’s a serious lack of world building. I don’t feel I understand the magic or how exactly the various designations interact (other than vague A/B/O/D descriptions) very well and the individual characters are flat. Weirdly, Jaiyen was the most dynamic and well developed even if he was an asshole.

There’s some vague-ing that I guess is supposed to keep me interested, unfortunately it’s not that compelling. I want to really care about these characters and instead I have to keep reminding myself to pick this back up.

This isn’t terrible, it just isn’t holding my attention like I want a story to.

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