Forever You

It’s a kiss that promises the beginning of forever.

Leah Busboom
Forever You

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Publisher’s Synopsis:
Can love transcend the bounds of time?

Laci V’s star is bright. The up-and-coming singer just released her new single and it’s climbing the country music charts. Her concerts are filling stadiums, and she’s soon to be nominated for a Grammy award. Laci’s quickly becoming a big-time celebrity. But after a storm rolls through one of her outdoor concerts, Laci wakes up in 1855.

Matthew finds a woman from the future in a field near his homestead. He helps her and takes her home with him, and she fascinates him with stories of inventions that haven’t happened yet. Her determination and grit eventually capture his heart. But this rugged, handsome frontiersman isn’t quite sure what to do with this beautiful time traveler.

As Laci gets to know Matthew, she falls in love with his kind and gentle ways, his fierce love for the land, and his indomitable pioneer spirit. While Matthew may be her perfect man, he doesn’t live in the century she wants to live in. Laci longs for the modern conveniences of the time period she came from, for the friends and family she left behind, and for her blossoming career. Matthew realizes that to show his love for Laci, he must let her go back to the time that she came from. Even though it will break his heart.

Will one man’s love span generations? Can love transcend the limits of time, of past and present—turning what seems impossible into something extraordinary?

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Laci, Matthew, & Jeremy’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 12 in Leah Busboom’s Connor Brothers series. While there are a few minor cameos by characters from the series, this can be listened to on its own.

I liked Busboom’s take on a time travel romance. This closed door romance features Laci, a modern day country singer, transported back to the 1850s during a storm. She finds herself on Matthew Peterson’s farm first trying to convince him of her tale and then adventures in learning what it takes to live a life without modern conveniences. Matthew and Laci soon fall in love but also recognize that Laci needs to return to her own time.

The second half of the book is a contemporary romance centering on Laci’s burgeoning relationship with Jeremy, a descendent of Matthew’s. While I found the writing and dialogue to be repetitive at times and wish Busboom had given her characters more time developing their relationship, I did enjoy the twists and Laci discovering what would truly make her happy.

The epilogue was a lovely ending for Jeremy & Laci’s HEA.

This is my first time listening to either Mary Beth Eversole or Heston Mosher. They each did a good job bringing these 20-somethings to life as well as all the various secondary characters. While I generally enjoy duet narration, Eversole’s delivery pace was significantly faster than Mosher’s. To the point of needing to adjust the playback speed depending on who was doing the bulk of the speaking for a particular chapter. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much I could do when the other narrator was speaking a duet part within. Individually, I’d like to hear more of either of their work.

While I borrowed the ebook from Kindle Unlimited, I received a copy of the audiobook from Home Cooked Books and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

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My Favorite Quotes

“Only two days into this pioneer thing and I’m ready to go back to 2021.”

“If she stays here long enough, I’ll get up the nerve to ask her to marry me.”

“It’s a kiss that promises the beginning of forever.”

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