Happy Birthday Omega

He is looking at her with reverence and something she suspects might be love.

Bridget Blake
Happy Birthday Omega

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Publisher’s Synopsis:
Every birthday April Howard receives a card from a secret admirer.
When April presents as an Omega, everything changes. She builds a nest in her closet, starts at a new school, and yearns to lick the dimple on her brother’s best friend’s cheek.
But The Omega Academy makes it clear that can never happen. Her mate can only be selected from one of fourteen preselected Alphas. She’s confused and isolated at the strict school, with only one secret happiness. The sweet, unsigned cards she receives every year from a secret admirer.
As she steels her heart against a loveless future, she never expects that her fated Alpha will never let that happen. He’s been there all along, and fate is about to give her everything she longs for, and more.

Point of view:
3rd person. Entirely from April’s perspective.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
My first time reading Bridget Blake but won’t be my last.

Spanning multiple years of April’s birthdays this novella was the perfect mix of sweet & steamy. It’s a standalone short but as long as you’re familiar with the basics of omegaverse – Blake provides enough worldbuilding and a variety of emotions comparable to a full length book.

The first half is a mixture of heartbreak and anticipation as April struggles with her Omega designation and how it drastically changes her life. Annual birthday cards provide encouragement and hope.

Blake manages a terrific balance in the second half of a sexy claiming with the adorableness of young love. Absolutely loved it.

About the author:
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My Favorite Quotes

“She feels out of control and constricted all at the same time.”

“He is looking at her with reverence and something she suspects might be love.”

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