The Monster’s Den

“I’m pretty sure saying ‘I licked it, it’s mine’ only works with the last piece of dessert.”

Jillian West
The Monster’s Den

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Publisher’s Synopsis:
Emerson Parker is exhausted. She spends her days chasing around her high energy, half-shifter toddler and her nights working full-time trying to make ends meet.

…oh, and add in the absolute cluster of a situation her ex dumped in her lap on his way out?

Well, that’s just icing on the cake.

With virtually no options left, Emerson heads for Haven, a sanctuary city for monsters and humans alike. Survival means taking a job at The Monster’s Den – a club that caters to the inhuman residents of her new home.

But freedom comes with complications of its own: delusional monsters dead set on inserting themselves into her life and her bed.

With the North American Alpha hot on her heels and monsters standing in his way…

Will it be enough to keep Emerson and her daughter safe?

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating perspectives by chapter between Emerson, Dread, Laithe, Ryktus, and Arsyn.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Jillian West decides to add PNR to her repertoire and it’s a hit. I adore her combination of monsters, fated mates, humor, suspense and a little mystery. This book really has it all.

Single mom and human, Emerson, never thought she’d find herself escaping to a monster-run area for sanctuary. However her ex has left a debt she can’t possibly pay and the constant threat to her and her daughter is too much. One of my favorite parts of West’s writing is how distinct she is with the crafting of her male main characters. Dread, Laithe, Ryktus, and Arsyn’s perspectives are unmistakable and even if she didn’t state whose chapter it was, I would almost immediately know. I also liked that while Emerson is in an untenable position with her ex’s pack – she is not a doormat or completely helpless. The guys do, in some ways, come to her rescue – but her strength and perseverance shine through. There’s also Emerson’s adorable half-shifter toddler, Ember. Watching the guys switch between fierce warriors and gentle protectors is such fun.

While there’s a fabulous HEA for this why-choose group, West has definitely left room to expand the world and share more characters’ stories. I also love epilogues – and there’s several here spanning a few weeks, months, and even 14 years into the future.

About the author:
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My Favorite Quotes

“I’ve lived nearly four hundred years without being a stalker. I’m not going to start now. Probably.”

“Okay, I’m trying to justify my attraction to a demon. It’s no wonder my life is a shit show.”

“I’m quickly becoming entranced by the human with the audacity to ride my face while huffing at me to hurry up.”

“Give me permission to bite you, and I swear on my non-existent soul that I’ll make you come harder than you ever have.”

“I briefly consider murdering everyone in the room so I can shove my dick inside her immediately.”

“Ohmigod, I’ve been banging the elderly.”

“I’m pretty sure saying ‘I licked it, it’s mine’ only works with the last piece of dessert.”

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