Come Back to Me

The real magic is choosing to show up when it’s hard and ugly, and you want to run away or hide under the covers and never face it again.

Sirena Song
Come Back to Me

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Publisher’s Synopsis:
Lizzy Lockstead recognized her pack as a girl. Too bad they didn’t.

After years of pinning for Jacob and his pack, Lizzy has given up on fated mates, scent-matches, and love. Coming into her twenty-first year after graduating from the state Omega Finishing Academy, she makes her way back home to Knotty Pines, resigned to settle for a life without her alphas by her side. Just when she has given up hope, the pack comes for her, pleading forgiveness. Will she find room in her heart to forgive her alphas and join the pack she knows is meant for her? Can she trust them with her heart after all this time?

Jacob Edwards lost his omega right out from under his nose.

After years of searching for his pack’s omega, he realizes she was there all along. His best friend’s younger sister wasn’t the omega he was expecting, but when he finds a trace of her scent the summer she turns twenty-one there is no denying who she is to them. The hunt is on, but Lizzy blocks them at every turn. How could he, Mateo, and Rhett make such a huge mistake? How will he ever get her to come back to him when they denied her for so long?

A rejected-mate and a pack sworn to bring their omega home. Can Lizzy swallow her pride in order to forgive her alphas?

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Lizzie, Rhett, Jacob, Matteo & Landon’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 2 in Sirena Song’s Knotty Pines series. Chronologically, this book actually takes place before book 1, Catch Me. Lizzy’s pack is lightly introduced in that book – but nothing spoilerish and you could easily read these in either order.

Song absolutely broke my heart and stitched it back together with this one. If, like me, you constantly feel like there isn’t enough groveling for a wounded MC – y’all are going to love this. This also has one of my favorite tropes: Brother’s Best Friend/Best Friend’s Sister. Plus add in the MM/poly between Jacob, Rhett, and Mateo and I was swooning harder than Lizzy.

I love how detailed Song was with the backstory and worldbuilding for this group. All the characters have distinct personalities and unique mannerisms that carry throughout the book. We get to see Lizzy, Jacob, Rhett, Matteo, and Landon as they grow up become adults and work to make decisions about the forming of the pack. Which doesn’t include Lizzy. Her heartbreaking years away from home while at Omega Finishing Academy (college) and her eventual return to Knotty Pines. That moment the guys realize she’s their omega and are also faced with the years of emotional and physical pain inflicted on Lizzy. Uncovering horrid betrayals and navigating finding their way to forming a complete Pack.

I liked the balance between wanting to respect Lizzy’s wariness and need for time to process and working hard to court her. I love the individual and group dates the guys took her on. It was a lovely mix of sweet, sexy, fun, and adventure.

There’s a bit of a romantic suspense element and I was completely shocked by someone’s actions. (no spoiling, I promise!) The hard fought and well earned HEA was perfect. I loved the epilogue.

I’m hoping Sofia gets a book next… but I could also see a potential redemption story (probably in a town far, far away) for another character.

Content Warnings (possible spoilers):
Song has a comprehensive CW at the beginning of the book.

I received an advance copy of this book from the author and am voluntarily leaving an honest review. (FWIW – I have Kindle Unlimited and will continue to read her work whether I receive ARCs or not.)

About the author:
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My Favorite Quotes

“If I ever have you, it will be because it’s meant to be. Not because I can’t control myself around you,”

“My pack isn’t mine. They didn’t choose me. Nothing will ever matter again.”

“I may be a fool, but I will not be a beggar too.”

“You better do everything in your power to make this right because my little girl has done enough hurting for your pack to last a lifetime.”

“One day we went from doing everything together to doing everything together while kissing.”

“I’ve reached paradise, and my dick may never leave,”

“The four of us kiss, sharing lips and breaths for what feels like an eternity.”

“I’m thawing, a drip at a time, but there is still so much ice.”

“Y’all can’t be so hot this early. It’s criminal,”

“The real magic is choosing to show up when it’s hard and ugly, and you want to run away or hide under the covers and never face it again.”

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