We Cry the Sea

If he said he cares for you, he meant it wholly. Completely. Robin Shipp doesn’t love in degrees.

Glenn Quigley
We Cry the Sea

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Publisher’s Synopsis:
After the explosive events of The Lion Lies Waiting, life has returned to normal for burly fisherman Robin Shipp. That is until the innkeeper of the ancient Moth & Moon approaches him with a surprising proposal, and an unexpected arrival brings some shocking news that sends Robin on a perilous journey alone.

While he’s away, his lover, Edwin, anxiously prepares for the birth of his first child with his friend, Iris. Her wife, Lady Eva, must travel to Blackrabbit Island for a showdown over the future of the family business. Meanwhile, Duncan nurses an injured man back to health but as the two grow close, the island’s new schoolmaster makes his amorous intentions clear.

Robin’s search for answers to the questions that have haunted his entire life will take him away from everyone he knows, across a dangerous ocean, and into the very heart of a floating pirate stronghold. Pushed to his limits, Robin’s one last chance at finding the truth will cost him more than he ever imagined.

Point of view:
3rd person.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 3 in Glenn Quigley’s The Moth and Moon series. While books 1 & 2 didn’t exactly end on any kind of cliffhanger, it’s definitely a continuation of lives of those characters. I’d strongly encourage reading The Moth and Moon and The Lion Lies Waiting as it helps with understanding the characters and some of the events that lead to their travels. This review may contain spoilers to the previous books.

My fifth Glenn Quigley book and I continue to be completely swept away by his writing. I adore authors who can make me feel all the emotions in a single book and Quigley does that masterfully. I laughed, cried, fretted, rejoiced, mourned, and frankly wanted to shove a few people overboard. Like the previous books in this series – while revolving around the beloved Robin Shipp, this explores the intertwined stories of his family, friends, and residents of Merryapple. It’s not only the grand adventures but also all the little details and unique characters that have me completely in love with this series.

While Eva, Iris, and Edwin are preparing for the birth of their child (with three distinct and sometimes hilarious personalities), Robin finds himself sailing away in Bucca’s Call to seek answers to questions that have plagued him his whole life. Duncan is somewhat at loose ends with all his friends preoccupied elsewhere and finds himself drawn to two different men for entirely different reasons. George is preparing for Moth and Moon’s future and the eventuality he won’t always be around to share it’s many stories.

Poor Robin faces turbulent seas, pirates, mutiny, and losses he never imagined. He does find answers beyond any he envisioned but at a high cost. I loved the mix of history, mystery, suspense, and action to create the perfect pacing for a story. Even with all the loss, there’s definitely a strong sense of hope, love, and happily ever after in the ending. I could gush all day, but feel like if I keep going I’ll end up spoiling something.

I’m ready to dive into These Young Wolves, book 1 in the spinoff series Knights of Blackrabbit.

About the author:
Glenn Quigley is an author and artist originally from Tallaght in Dublin, Ireland, and now living in Lisburn, Northern Ireland with his partner of many years.

His first novel, The Moth and Moon, was published in 2018. When not writing, he paints portraits in watercolours and tweets too many photos of lighthouses. 

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My Favorite Quotes

“Finding a gull in one’s bathroom has a way of bringing into sharp focus just what massive beasts they truly are.”

“The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line but in the Moth & Moon the line was likely to be twisted into a fisherman’s knot.”

“If he said he cares for you, he meant it wholly. Completely. Robin Shipp doesn’t love in degrees.”

“You can’t be expected to fulfil every need your partner has. Otherwise, what are friends for?”

“There’s a special torment in bein’ just clever enough to know ’ow simple you are.”

“There are times when books can be an escape from the world, when a well-chosen metaphor can send one on a journey of a thousand miles in the blink of an eye.”

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