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Publisher’s Synopsis:

I’m not gay… at least I think I’m not.

This is a First Time, Straight-to-Gay, Sports Romance

I’m the star quarterback, but I’m injured and having to spend a lot of time with Max, the new physical therapist who just so happens to be gay. He is very handsome and his hands are all over my body and I’m feeling feelings I don’t want to feel for him.

Why is he so fucking sexy? Why do I want him to do things to me?

Point of view:
1st person.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
Content Warnings (spoilers):
I usually save CW for the end, but they’ll be discussed in my review.
homophobic teammates, internalized homophobia, internalized homophobia, homophobic teammates, disowned by family, public outing by media, disowned by family for being gay

This is a free prequel to Myers’ Football Romance series.

Unfortunately, this reads like a rough first draft or outline.  I get that it’s a short story but it’s underdeveloped and has very simplistic writing. No team names.  No last names.  What position do secondary characters play on the team?  Abrupt time jumps.  Too many complicated plot points that are just dropped or if wrapped up at all it’s by a single sentence: internalized homophobia, homophobic teammates, disowned by family, outed by media.

I’m hoping she wrote this quickly as a tease and that’s why it’s so unpolished. I’m willing to try book 1, His Rival, since it’s in Kindle Unlimited.

About the author:
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