Skin Sessions: Demon at the Doorstep

We are family. We will figure this out.

J.P. Jackson
Demon at the Doorstep

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Publisher’s Synopsis:
The Unicorn’s Horn was once a hot and lively pleasure house. Folks would come from miles around to be satisfied by the stable men kept by Gavin Medici, the house’s owner.
Trouble is, the world is ending, and surviving is more important to the brothel’s customers than an evening filled with unspeakable delights. Before long the purveyors of favors find themselves broke, hungry and living in a decaying brothel.
With a simple witchy spell, a visitor who promises to make everything better comes knocking. But demons are unpredictable and often come with hidden agendas.
A little demonic possession and the odd human sacrifice seem like a small price to pay. But is that all it will cost Gavin and his men?

Point of view:
1st person for Medici’s chapters. 3rd person for Corbin’s.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is my first book by J.P. Jackson, but won’t be my last. I enjoyed the worldbuilding, mystery, and suspense evoked by the story. I liked how the chapters from Sir/Medici’s perspective were 1st person while the ones from Corbin were 3rd.

Due to total economic collapse Sir and his boys are no longer able to earn a living with the pleasure house. When Corbin calls for help, Sir must decide whether it’s a price they can all pay.

For such a short story, the characters were well developed and I found myself connecting with each of them for various reasons. Jackson weaves a little humor into a horror featuring a dystopian world filled with fae, demons, vampires, ghosts, zombies, and more.

While not exactly a cliffhanger, there’s definitely as many new questions as answers and this is obviously launching a serial of short stories. I’m looking forward to book 2, Branded and Bedeviled.

Content Warnings:
Be sure to check the CWs on Jackson’s website.

About the author:
J.P. Jackson is an award-winning author of dark urban fantasy, paranormal, and even paranormal romance stories, but regardless of the genre they always feature LGBTQ main characters.

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My Favorite Quotes

“Our skills had fallen out of favour. We were forgotten. We were expendable.”

“Everyone deserved intimacy.”

“No tears, at least not yet. We are family. We will figure this out.”

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