Scoring the Player

I’ve never been this close to another human being, and I’m bursting with joy that it’s Matt.

S.M. West
Scoring the Player

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Publisher’s Synopsis:
All my life I’ve been keeping score and living by the rules:Play it safe Stay out of trouble Hide who you really are

To win, I go unnoticed and it’s working.

Until my predictable, virginal life comes under attack.

Worst of all, I’m the threat.

An escape to the cottage is the answer.

Only, I’m not alone.

Matthew Carruthers is here.

Pro football player.

A six-foot-three slice of fun-loving sexy.

He’s everything I’ve never dared want and yet, I’m drawn to him.

Both faced with a major life decision, we vow to help one another.

Instead of sticking to the rules, I’m breaking them.

And being bad never felt so good.

But this dream world can’t last.

We have responsibilities, and honoring them means we can’t be together.

Yet I’m unsure how to go back to my rules or if I even want to.

Not when Matt could be the biggest win of all.

Point of view:
1st person. Alternating between Matt and Claire’s perspectives.

Rellim’s Thoughts:
This is book 2 in SM West’s 6 Loves series. While this stands well on its own, I think it’s best enjoyed after Resisting the Best Friend’s Sister and Trusting the Ex.

I’ve been looking forward to Matt & Claire’s story. Both were secondary characters in previous books, but impactful and I was so happy they were getting their HEA. At first it seems like a professional football player and a doctor in residency wouldn’t have much in common – but West does a great job of showing how these two can bond over struggling with their career choices and breaking under the weight of family expectations.

The relationship angst is actually fairly low here – most of the drama comes from external sources. When there were some things that could tear them apart, I like how Matt works to make sure that Claire knows he isn’t giving up. Sweet, sexy, and feeling all the love with these two.

I’m looking forward to Promising the Billionaire. Though – can I vote that Claire’s brother Tom gets a book at some point? He’s adorable. 🥰

I enjoyed the performances by Teddy Hamilton and Jennifer Mack. They’re a great match for these characters and West’s writing.

Content Warnings (possible spoilers):
panic attacks, references to an attempted sexual assault when Claire was a child (she has no memory of it), secondary character lying to break them apart – including intimating that Matt cheated but he didn’t

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“I’ve never been this close to another human being, and I’m bursting with joy that it’s Matt.”

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