Affiliate Disclosure & FAQ

What’s an affiliate?

I’ve partnered with various retailers and I may earn store credit or commissions when you purchase items by following a link from my blog.

Does this cost me money? Do I lose discounts?

No. There is no change in what you are charged for the items ordered. You pay the same price &/or receive the same discount as you would if you went directly to the retailer’s site yourself.

Does being an affiliate impact your reviews or the links you provide?

No. I’m always giving my honest review. I list a variety of retail links no matter where I sourced the book. I provide links even if I’m not an affiliate for that retailer. If available, the first link is always to purchase directly from the author (which doesn’t earn me anything). After that the links are in alphabetical order regardless of whether I’m an affiliate or not. If only one link is provided the most likely reason is that the book is exclusive to that platform.

Why isn’t there a link or disclosure on the blog post I just read?

I just started being an affiliate in 2023. The blog has nearly 1,000 reviews written in the 3 years since I started it. It’s going to take me a while to update all the pages with disclosures & links. If there’s no disclosure on that post, there’s no affiliate links.

Do you participate in referral programs? What’s the difference?

Yes. Unlike affiliate links, it’s a one-time deal.

Chirp: You receive 50% off your first purchase and I receive a $10 credit. If you start a new membership, I receive a free audiobook.

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