The Hunt

I can’t promise nothing bad will happen, but I can promise I’ll die trying to save you. J.M. Dabney & Davidson KingThe Hunt Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:Disgraced detective turned private investigator, Ray Clancy, left the force with a case unsolved. Finding the killer was no longer his problem, but it still haunted him. How long wouldContinue reading “The Hunt”

Just for Tonight

Roman kissed her like he was a dying man and the elixir of life was hidden in her mouth. Just for tonightRilzy Adams Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Giselle Lorde hasn’t had a man catch her eye in years.That goes out the window in the lead up to her best friend, Danie’s, island elopement when she meets RomanContinue reading “Just for Tonight”

Not So Neighborly

Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Beth hates her neighbour Sam. He’s loud, obnoxiously happy, and is always dancing around with his rescue animals. She’s been a widow for years now, but when a relentless client who can’t take no for an answer won’t leave her alone, Beth decides she needs someone to fake date. Why not Sam? WhatContinue reading “Not So Neighborly”

Fall Into You

Emotions bubbled up inside her. An emotion that was way too early to name was there too, and it terrified and delighted her all the same. Fall Into YouGeorgina Kiersten Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Imari Haines has had it with the gossip. The whole town is acting like she’s their very own Runaway Bride. A plus-size, blackContinue reading “Fall Into You”

A Day to Kill

Slade Heller would kill for a quiet day, but now he was killing just to survive. Kronos AnanthsimhaA Day to Kill Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:A Hunted AssassinA Corrupt SpymasterA Vengeful Gangster Slade Heller, an assassin for the Elysium Group (a Private Intelligence Company), is hunted as the target of a bounty hunt. He’s earned the wrathContinue reading “A Day to Kill”

Dark Vortex

Format:Audiobook Note: At the time of this review the ebook is available in Kindle Unlimited. Publisher’s Synopsis:Jack’s about to lose his friends, family, and even his life unless he finds a powerful witch to call his own. Fate brings him the perfect woman except for one fatal flaw. She never learned the art of dangerousContinue reading “Dark Vortex”

A Time to Kill

Slade Heller was never a religious man, but the wall full of high-end weaponry made him want to pray in gratitude. Kronos AnanthsimhaA Time to Kill Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Two Elusive TargetsOne Deceptive AssassinZero Chance for Error Slade Heller, a skilled assassin for the Elysium Group, is sent undercover into the mob to kill two targetsContinue reading “A Time to Kill”

Lipstick and Lies

It took several minutes for the two of us to register all that was happening. Gina LaMannaLipstick and Lies Format:Audiobook Note: At the time of this review, the ebook is available in Kindle Unlimited. Publisher’s Synopsis:Jenna McGovern is dressed to kill for Blueberry Lake’s annual firefighter charity auction. But when she finds her attractive firemanContinue reading “Lipstick and Lies”

A Shot to Kill

There were no rules in his code other than to not get caught and to not kill innocents. Kronos AnanthsimhaA Shot to Kill Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:A Shot To Kill A Vengeful AssassinA Treacherous AssetA Paranoid Target Slade Heller, a young assassin, works for a private intelligence company called the Elysium Group. He’s sent to FloridaContinue reading “A Shot to Kill”

Secrets and Stilettos

I would never ruin a pair of shoes like that. Gina LaMannaSecrets and Stilettos Format:Audiobook Note: At the time of this review, the ebook is available in Kindle Unlimited. Publisher’s Synopsis:Jenna McGovern’s strappy shoes and sundresses are not going to cut it when she makes the move from Hollywood Hills to Blueberry Lake, Minnesota inContinue reading “Secrets and Stilettos”