Finding Forgiveness

Format:Kindle Unlimited & Audible. Publisher’s Synopsis:AHe was only there for a business deal…A couple of days…that was all it was supposed to take for property developer Roman Blackwell to decide if the strip of land just south of Dare, Montana would be the perfect spot for his next luxury resort. He wasn’t interested in repairingContinue reading “Finding Forgiveness”

Finding Peace

Format:Kindle Unlimited & Audible. Publisher’s Synopsis:Author Gray Hawthorne has it all and he’s on the verge of having even more. His bestselling detective novels are being turned into a movie series that will make him a household name and he’s rubbing a lot more than just elbows with Hollywood’s elite. Money, fame and good looksContinue reading “Finding Peace”

Finding Trust

Format:Kindle Unlimited & Audible. Publisher’s Synopsis:Widower Dane Winters just wanted a new beginning for himself and his six month old daughter after his estranged husband’s cold-blooded murder and moving to a small town in Southwest Montana seemed like a good place to start. But he never expected a favor for a friend to turn intoContinue reading “Finding Trust”

Finding Home

Format:Kindle Unlimited & Audible. Publisher’s Synopsis:Vengeance. It’s the one thing on ex-cop Rhys Tellar’s mind and he’s spent every day of his two year prison sentence planning how he’ll bring down the former lover and partner who sold him out and cost four people their lives. A six month parole stint working at the CBContinue reading “Finding Home”

Logan’s Need

I think for you it’s less about teams and more about finding the right teammate. Sloane KennedyLogan’s Need Format:Kindle Unlimited & Audible. Publisher’s Synopsis:“I feel like I’ve been wearing blinders for my entire life and now they’ve been ripped off and everything’s too bright – too harsh. Part of me wants them back so IContinue reading “Logan’s Need”


Relax, Princess Peach. No one’s raiding your castle. Elizabeth DyerDefenseless Format:Audible. At the time of this review you can read & listen via Kindle Unlimited. The book is $3.99 & you can add the audio for $1.99 ~ so still less than a credit. I originally listened via KU, but enjoyed it so much I opted toContinue reading “Defenseless”


When he kisses me it feels a bit like fear and tastes a bit like tears, but it’s as bright and sweet as sherbet, and I decide to call it joy. Alexis HallGlitterland Format:ebook6/8/2020: Update. Listened to Audiobook. Publisher’s Synopsis:Ash Winters is barely holding on, near drowning in his own darkness and fear. He lives a grayContinue reading “Glitterland”

Frisco’s Kid

Format:book, ebook & Audiobook For ebook and print – the TDD series has been combined into sets of 2 or 3 books. (depending on the version you hunt down) Publisher’s Synopsis:Being a Navy SEAL is more than a career to Alan “Frisco” Francisco—it is his whole world. So when a bullet wound threatens his futureContinue reading “Frisco’s Kid”

Light the Lamp (Portland Storm)

He said he loved me, but he didn’t know how I needed to be loved. Catherine GayleLight the Lamp Format:ebook 8/21/2020: Updated review from Portland Storm: The First Period (box set of Books 1, 2, 2.5, & 3) on Audible. Publisher’s Synopsis:Hockey star Liam Kallen lost his scoring touch when his wife died. Still brokenContinue reading “Light the Lamp (Portland Storm)”