His mind had been torn apart and patched back together in a misshapen approximation of reality. Brian ParkerReciprocity Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:America, as we know it, is gone. The survivors are being hunted. Foreign troops search daily for Sidney Bannister and her new family, systematically eliminating their means of survival. She’s gone on the offensive, butContinue reading “Reciprocity”

The Road to Hell

Sidney watched in horror as the truck began to burn. Brian ParkerThe Road to Hell Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:Winter has never been so hot, nor the world so dangerous.  Sidney Bannister has been lucky so far. With no survival training and no real skills besides her street smarts, she realizes that must learn to fight soContinue reading “The Road to Hell”

After the Roads

She was pretty much marked as a dangerous, caged animal, and left alone. Brian ParkerAfter the Roads Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:The survivors learned how to fight the infected, but not how to defeat the virus. The Texas Safe Zone is home to four million refugees, trapped behind the walls of Fort Bliss – too many peopleContinue reading “After the Roads”

Five Roads to Texas

People were rushing the road from the tree line, screaming. Their faces were twisted into masks of tormented rage… W.J. Lundy, Brian Parker, Rich Baker, Joseph Hansen, Allen GamboaFive Roads to Texas Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:It spread fast- no time to understand it- let alone learn how to fight it. Once it reached you, it wasContinue reading “Five Roads to Texas”

The Days Before

Death was a risk they all took and each man knew that this mission had the potential to be extremely dangerous. Brian ParkerThe Days Before Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:The day of retribution is at hand. Years before the outbreak, an unexplained illness in the Congo that mimicked different hemorrhagic fevers brought scientists from the CDC toContinue reading “The Days Before”