Everything My Mother Taught Me

She would have to do away with herself in order to have a life of her own. Allison HoffmanEverything My Mother Taught Me Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:In this haunting short story of loyalty and betrayal, a young woman in early 1900s Massachusetts discovers that in navigating her treacherous coming-of-age, she must find her voice first. ForContinue reading “Everything My Mother Taught Me”

The Other Sister

She believed in him more than she had ever believed in anyone. Leanne DavisThe Other Sister Format:ebook 12/9/2021 – Updated after listening to the audiobook. Publisher’s Synopsis:General Travis Bains has two daughters – one who is good and one who is bad. Everyone knows Lindsey is the good one, and Jessie is the bad one.Continue reading “The Other Sister”