Cassie’s Chase

She was certain Reed would exceed her expectations, but she wasn’t going to reveal her rising excitement just yet. C.B. SametCassie’s Chase Format:ebook Note: While I’m reviewing each title individually, they’re available in box sets. Publisher’s Synopsis:A secret friend, a high-stakes scandal—and a cover-up someone is willing to kill for. Neurosurgeon Cassie Chase keeps herContinue reading “Cassie’s Chase”

Willow’s Windfall

Mark didn’t believe in ghosts, but he might just start to believe in angels. C.B. SametWillow’s Windfall Format:ebook Note: While I’m reviewing each title individually, they’re available in box sets. Publisher’s Synopsis:She’s a medium. He’s a skeptic. A hidden treasure leads them on a dangerous adventure. Willow Nightingale helps ghosts cross into the spirit world.Continue reading “Willow’s Windfall”

Sadie’s Spirit

You can’t just show up here like a ghost from my past and ask for help. C.B. SametSadie’s Spirit Format:audiobook/ebook Note: While I’m reviewing each title individually, they’re available in box sets. Publisher’s Synopsis:Sadie didn’t believe in ghosts, until she became one. When pragmatic physician and budding researcher, Sadie Crawford, goes for a hike, sheContinue reading “Sadie’s Spirit”

McMillan File

Maybe adult life is more complicated than your Justice League from high school, but I still don’t see you as anything less than Wonder Woman. C. B. SametMcMillan File Format:ebook & Audio Publisher’s Synopsis:She’s investigating a murder. He’s trying not to become the next victim.  Mica McMillan, savvy PI and scrappy street fighter, is tryingContinue reading “McMillan File”

Masters File

Did she comprehend her rescue was only the beginning of the battle to come? C. B. SametMasters File Format:ebook & Audio Publisher’s Synopsis:With a 12 million dollar debt, there’s no escaping the mafia. When Jenna Masters embarks on a vacation to Antigua, she anticipates leaving behind her hectic job in the intensive care unit butContinue reading “Masters File”

Gray Horizon

They were two peas in a pod soaring full tilt through an asteroid belt. C. B. SametGray Horizon Format:Audio Publisher’s Synopsis:A stolen nuclear bomb. Sworn enemies forced together. A race to save the world. The last person emergency room doctor Lillian Whyte expects to collide with while on her vacation is the ruthless mercenary fromContinue reading “Gray Horizon”

Whyte Knight

Hell hath no fury like an agent whose loved one breaks tactical protocol. C. B. SametWhyte Knight Format:Review copy via Author’s Direct. Publisher’s Synopsis:A biological weapon engineered for mass destruction could be unleashed at any moment. When terrorists seize control of a genetically modified biological weapon, Emergency Room physician, Lillian Whyte, finds herself in theContinue reading “Whyte Knight”

Meridian File

Format:ebook & Audio Publisher’s Synopsis:She wants uncomplicated fame. He wants an uncomplicated assignment. A celebrity stalker derails both their plans. When a celebrity stalker targets Aurora Meridian, she turns to a private security team for protection.  Aurora, a women’s professional tennis player, struggles to win back the tennis fame she had before a devastating injury.Continue reading “Meridian File”

Black Gold

Format: Review copy via Author’s Direct. Available on Audible. Publisher’s Synopsis: A medical mission takes a deadly turn… Emergency medicine physician Lillian Whyte is swept into a dangerous world when the camp of her Kenya mission clinic is destroyed by war profiteers. Lillian realized that the luster and idealism of medicine and healing faded andContinue reading “Black Gold”