Butterfly in Amber

Even 90% super serious and a lot darker than the others, it’s still a fantastic and engaging read/listen. There is a lot of mystery/action/suspense as well as PLOT TWIST! that I really didn’t see coming.

Beating Ruby

My life was being risked in a dick-measuring contest. Also, I was participating in a car race organized by M&M’s. Camilla MonkBeating Ruby Format:ebook & audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:Life hasn’t been quite the same for computer engineer Island Chaptal since March, an OCD-ridden professional killer, burst into her life to clean her bedroom and take her onContinue reading “Beating Ruby”


Just so you know, I practice Spanish watching Dora the Explorer and playing GTA, so I know how to say backpack, whore, and weed. I hope you’re impressed. Camilla MonkSpotless Format:ebook & audiobook. Publisher’s Synopsis:Island Chaptal—nerdy IT engineer by day, romance novel junkie by night—just walked into her messy New York apartment to find Mr.Continue reading “Spotless”