Born Again Sinner

I can’t even begin to express how many inappropriate, totally ill-timed, horribly sinful thoughts explode in my brain in this one instant. Daryl BannerBorn Again Sinner Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Life takes an unexpected turn for headstrong Army Soldier Cody Davis after sustaining a near-fatal injury saving his best friend’s life. Forced to return to his hometownContinue reading “Born Again Sinner”

Football Sundae

the safe, warm, tight sensation of falling asleep in his big strong arms doesn’t compare fairly to anything in the world. Daryl BannerFootball Sundae Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:College football star Tanner Strong returns to his small country hometown of Spruce, Texas for the summer. Despite his discouragement by the tough competition at school, he puts onContinue reading “Football Sundae”