Format:audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:When a young red-haired woman is found brutally murdered in downtown Chicago, one detail stands out: the red lipstick encircling her wrists and ankles. Detective Harriet Foster is on the case, even though she’s still grieving the sudden death of her partner. As a Black woman in a male-dominated department, Foster anticipates aContinue reading “Hide”

The Finders

If my visitor is coming for you, you don’t have long to live. Jeffrey B. BurtonThe Finders Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:Mason “Mace” Reid lives on the outskirts of Chicago and specializes in human remains detection. He trains dogs to hunt for the dead. Reid’s coming off a taxing year—mourning the death of a beloved springer spanielContinue reading “The Finders”

The Man Burned by Winter

Format:Audiobook – currently audio included in Kindle Unlimited Publisher’s Synopsis:An investigative journalist on the edge. A serial killer testing his limits. What they have in common can freeze the blood. Still reeling from a personal tragedy, investigative journalist Rooker Lindström finds a grim hideaway from the world. It’s the dilapidated cabin on Minnesota’s Deer LakeContinue reading “The Man Burned by Winter”

Her Final Breath

Time for the show. Robert DugoniHer Final Breath Format:Audiobook Note: At the time of this review, Her Final Breath is available in Kindle Unlimited with the audio included. Publisher’s Synopsis:Homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite has returned to the police force after the sensational retrial of her sister’s killer. Still scarred from that ordeal, Tracy is pulledContinue reading “Her Final Breath”

My Sister’s Grave

“I left her once,” she said. “I’m not leaving her again. I’m staying. To the end.” Robert DugoniMy Sister’s Grave Format:Audiobook Note: At the time of this review, My Sister’s Grave is available in Kindle Unlimited with the audio included. Publisher’s Synopsis:Tracy Crosswhite has spent twenty years questioning the facts surrounding her sister Sarah’s disappearanceContinue reading “My Sister’s Grave”