Slater’s Revenge

I’d appreciate it if both of you stopped saying no to this arrangement. Claudia SheltonSlater’s Revenge Format:Audiobook At the time of this review the audiobook is on sale here and the ebook is currently available in Kindle Unlimited. Publisher’s Synopsis:Former vice cop Mackenzie Baudin is at the top of criminal organization Coercion Ten’s hit list.Continue reading “Slater’s Revenge”

The Hunt

I can’t promise nothing bad will happen, but I can promise I’ll die trying to save you. J.M. Dabney & Davidson KingThe Hunt Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:Disgraced detective turned private investigator, Ray Clancy, left the force with a case unsolved. Finding the killer was no longer his problem, but it still haunted him. How long wouldContinue reading “The Hunt”

Before Nightfall

Escape was their only option now. If the cartel caught them, they were dead. Kat MartinBefore Nightfall Format:Audiobook Note: This has been combined into a box set with other novellas from the series. Publisher’s Synopsis:When her best friend’s son is kidnapped, private detective Lissa Blayne drops everything to focus on the missing boy. Julie andContinue reading “Before Nightfall”

Suitcases and Shadows

Maybe solving this one once and for all would go a long way to restoring his faith in justice. Amy WaeschleSuitcases and Shadows Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:Ten years after a terrifying kidnapping ended in murder, can rookie FBI Agent Thomas Kamea unearth new clues and finally nail the killer?Every cop has a case they can’t letContinue reading “Suitcases and Shadows”

Graveyard Fields

The walls he was used to climbing over or digging under had begun to move in directions he couldn’t outmaneuver. Steven TingleGraveyard Fields Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis: Point of view:1st person. Entirely from Davis’ perspective. Rellim’s Thoughts:This was such a wild ride and a lot of fun. Steven Tingle writes characters that border on ridiculous exceptContinue reading “Graveyard Fields”