Decision Paralysis

I just gave up trying to make decisions. I just gave up and hit the gas. Isaac ThorneDecision Paralysis I may earn money or credit when readers purchase items through links on my site. Visit my Affiliate FAQ for more information. Format:Audiobook – at the time of this review this is available in KoboPlus Publisher’s Synopsis: It’sContinue reading “Decision Paralysis”


I’m a patient man. My work ain’t really got no deadline on it. Isaac ThorneDiggum Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:When personal tragedy strikes, some men pray. Other men despair. This man goes to war. Meet Diggum, the local graveyard caretaker, who lives in a small cottage at the edge of the lot. Diggum has spent most ofContinue reading “Diggum”

The Murder of Crows

When your whole career is built on aiming a critical eye at wrongdoers, it just doesn’t do to become one of them. Isaac ThorneThe Murder of Crows Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:In a near future of zero tolerance, Big Brother is not entirely born of the government. He is also your local news, your social media friendsContinue reading “The Murder of Crows”