Every one of us has blood stains on their hands, me more than most. Joseph HansenIndivisible Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:The crew has split. Toby has been placed in charge of a small group headed north to combat the Great Lakes Navy whose M.O. is to acquire all remaining resources and peddle flesh. Americans young and weakContinue reading “Indivisible”

One Nation

Nothing good comes from getting these things riled up. Joseph HansenOne Nation Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:Ian and crew had reached the end of their road. Hundreds of enemy invaders expending all resources to seize the small sanctuary left to the crew. With hundreds of thousands of infected bearing down on the enemy forces from behind, theContinue reading “One Nation”

For Which We Stand

These were suddenly no longer people; they were a resource and one that couldn’t be wasted. Joseph HansenFor Which We Stand Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:El Paso wasn’t the Promised Land that Ian and his crew had hoped for, but it wasn’t a total bust either. The concept of a safe haven in today’s world was aContinue reading “For Which We Stand”

Five Roads to Texas

People were rushing the road from the tree line, screaming. Their faces were twisted into masks of tormented rage… W.J. Lundy, Brian Parker, Rich Baker, Joseph Hansen, Allen GamboaFive Roads to Texas Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:It spread fast- no time to understand it- let alone learn how to fight it. Once it reached you, it wasContinue reading “Five Roads to Texas”