Saved by the Officers

She was ours.And we would never let her go. Kennedy L. MitchellSaved by the Officers Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:After weeks on the run, the US Marshals relocate me to a small West Texas town. I’m exhausted and lonely with no friends or family to lean on—until my two sexy-as-sin neighbors stop by. I shouldn’t fantasize aboutContinue reading “Saved by the Officers”

Cherished by the Agent

I could wrangle cows with horns longer than my legs on their heads, kicked ass during undergrad and vet school, worked in a large clinic in the city, and now ran a massive cattle ranch, and yet… This man sitting beside me might prove to be my biggest adventure yet. Kennedy L. MitchellCherished by theContinue reading “Cherished by the Agent”

Guarded by the Marshal

For the first time in my life, I longed for a man’s lips on my own, to feel his body moving against me. Kennedy L. MitchellGuarded by the Marhsal Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:MaxThe moment she takes the stand I’m lost, drowning in the details of her story escaping an infamous cult’s compound. When I’m the nextContinue reading “Guarded by the Marshal”