River’s Destiny

Nothing was solved but the insistence on honesty changed everything. Leanne DavisRiver’s Destiny Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Charlie Rydell fell for Cami Reed because she was his best friend before she was his first love. He foresees their future union as starting in high school and ending in forever. There’s only one thing he didn’t account forContinue reading “River’s Destiny”

River of Change

You make me feel like I’ve touched the sun and I never knew I wanted to so badly before. Leanne DavisRiver of Change Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Caleb Hayes avoids two things in life: change and work. Of late, neither is going well. First the valley he was born and raised in, and continues to inhabit, burntContinue reading “River of Change”

River’s Lost

I don’t want you to leave again. That’s what made it all worse. Leanne DavisRiver’s Lost Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Ben Rydell left River’s End in the wake of the fire that destroyed much of his family’s ranch, along with the valley that surrounded it. After it changed the lives of all the citizens of his smallContinue reading “River’s Lost”

River on Fire

A single kiss ignited what might have been the first time Joey ever considered a woman as something he desperately needed, wanted, and loved. Leanne DavisRiver on Fire Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Hailey Starr seeks refuge at the Rydell River Resort in the wake of her bitter divorce and from the ensuing hatred she receives from herContinue reading “River on Fire”

River Road

You’re too busy always being right. Leanne DavisRiver Road Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:AJ Reed grew up in foster care until he ran away in his teens and started earning his way through the rodeo circuit, until injury made him quit. Left adrift with no real skills, he wandered through almost as many towns and jobs asContinue reading “River Road”

The Other Sister

She believed in him more than she had ever believed in anyone. Leanne DavisThe Other Sister Format:ebook 12/9/2021 – Updated after listening to the audiobook. Publisher’s Synopsis:General Travis Bains has two daughters – one who is good and one who is bad. Everyone knows Lindsey is the good one, and Jessie is the bad one.Continue reading “The Other Sister”

River’s End

The loneliness that so often gripped her in private suddenly climbed up her chest and lodged like a knot in her throat. Leanne DavisRiver’s End Format:ebook 12/2021 – Originally read via Kindle Unlimited. As of this update – the book is available for free across most platforms. Publisher’s Synopsis:When Erin Poletti pulls her car intoContinue reading “River’s End”