Echo Burning

Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:Reacher is hitching through the heat of West Texas and getting desperate for a ride. The last thing he’s worried about is exactly who picks him up. She’s called Carmen. She’s a good-looking young woman, she has a beautiful little girl . . . and she has married into the wrong family. They’reContinue reading “Echo Burning”

Running Blind

“Weird. I guess I don’t understand the military.” “Well, don’t feel bad about it. We don’t understand you either.” Lee ChildRunning Blind Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:Sergeant Amy Callan and Lieutenant Caroline Cook have a lot in common. Both army high-flyers.Both acquainted with Jack Reacher.Both forced to resign from the service. Now they’re both dead. Found inContinue reading “Running Blind”


Marilyn took charge. She felt she was the strong one. Lee ChildTripwire Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:For Jack Reacher being invisible has become a habit. He spends his days digging swimming pools by hand and his nights as bouncer in a strip club in Key West. He doesn’t want to be found. But someone has sent aContinue reading “Tripwire”

Die Trying

To be afraid of a survivable thing was irrational. And whatever else he was, Reacher knew he was a rational man. Lee ChildDie Trying Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:When a woman is kidnapped off a Chicago street in broad daylight, Jack Reacher’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s kidnapped with her. Chained together andContinue reading “Die Trying”