Reactivated: Oz

I’m going to do whatever I have to in order to uncover the truth. The sooner you accept that, the better we’ll get along. Charissa GracykReactivated: Oz Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:“Project Phoenix…Find Oz…” Those were the last words her brother Jonah said when he died in her arms. Convinced that he was murdered, Navy Intel OfficerContinue reading “Reactivated: Oz”

Kee’s Wedding

Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:-a Night Stalkers Wedding story- Before the end of Night Stalkers #2, I Own the Dawn… Sniper Kee Smith knew two things for certain:1) she’d never be a mother2) she’d never be a bride Wounded in battle, Captain Archie Stevenson will never fly again. He knows that he can’t ask the woman andContinue reading “Kee’s Wedding”

Emily’s Wedding

Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:-a Night Stalkers Wedding story- Shortly after Night Stalkers #1, The Night Is Mine… Major Emily Beale of the US Army’s Night Stalkers helicopter regiment found true love and the wedding looms imminent. But an emotional firestorm aims her toward a hard landing. Major Mark Henderson knows she’s the woman of his dreams, butContinue reading “Emily’s Wedding”


The thought of locating his loved ones was the only thing that gave him the faith and desire to go on living. Allen GamboaSalvation Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:While the infected run wild across a broken America, Rick “Ram” Ramacher and Jesse Moreno struggle to make it back home to Northern California. The two slowly come toContinue reading “Salvation”


Every one of us has blood stains on their hands, me more than most. Joseph HansenIndivisible Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:The crew has split. Toby has been placed in charge of a small group headed north to combat the Great Lakes Navy whose M.O. is to acquire all remaining resources and peddle flesh. Americans young and weakContinue reading “Indivisible”

One Nation

Nothing good comes from getting these things riled up. Joseph HansenOne Nation Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:Ian and crew had reached the end of their road. Hundreds of enemy invaders expending all resources to seize the small sanctuary left to the crew. With hundreds of thousands of infected bearing down on the enemy forces from behind, theContinue reading “One Nation”

Showdown at Chimney Rock

Every time we meet, we’re reacting. It would be nice to get the upper hand for once. Rich BakerShowdown at Chimney Rock Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:A global pandemic burns through the population leaving America in shambles.  Sarah Washburn and her crew are forced to go on the run from an indefensible horde.  Isolated in the ColoradoContinue reading “Showdown at Chimney Rock”

For Which We Stand

These were suddenly no longer people; they were a resource and one that couldn’t be wasted. Joseph HansenFor Which We Stand Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:El Paso wasn’t the Promised Land that Ian and his crew had hoped for, but it wasn’t a total bust either. The concept of a safe haven in today’s world was aContinue reading “For Which We Stand”

When I First Saw Red

Hypnotised by his scorching gaze, I found myself unable to turn away. I waited. Hoped. As though for a judgment or deliverance. Kasia BaconWhen I First Saw Red Format:Audiobook. Publisher’s Synopsis:RED: Lázhien’s human. A common Imperial soldier. And my soulmate.How could fate get it so wrong?The demon in me craves this bond with every shredContinue reading “When I First Saw Red”

Coffin Corner Boys

It’s funny how much more appealing the sky appears when you are a prisoner of war. Carole Engle AvriettCoffin Corner Boys Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:During WWII, a B-17 crew of ten men was shot down over German-occupied France in an area known as Coffin Corner. Their pilot, George Wiley Starks, spent six weeks walking through FranceContinue reading “Coffin Corner Boys”