The Cowboy’s Surprise Nanny

All of her life, she had been looking for a place that felt like a real home, and now she knew she had found it. Leslie NorthThe Cowboy’s Surprise Nanny Format:ebook via Kindle Unlimited Publisher’s Synopsis:Ian Grant isn’t a man who accepts help easily. After promising his young son that he could participate in theContinue reading “The Cowboy’s Surprise Nanny”

The Foot Soldier

It seemed there was no beginning, no end—just nonstop, nerve-racking danger—actual and imminent. Mark RubinsteinThe Foot Soldier Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Right after college graduation, Costa, a lower-middle-class kid from Buffalo, New York, is drafted into the US army and plunged into the Vietnam War. The Foot Solder catapults the reader back to the conflict that changedContinue reading “The Foot Soldier”

SCARS: John Dempsey Novella

He felt the weight of being responsible for the other members of his team as they prosecuted the most dangerous terrorists and highest value targets in the War on Terror. Brian Andrews & Jeffrey WilsonSCARS Format:ebook via Kindle Unlimited Publisher’s Synopsis:You may think you know John Dempsey, but not like this! In SCARS, Tier OneContinue reading “SCARS: John Dempsey Novella”

False Flag (Frank Bowen)

You should get the hell out of there and come home. Jay TinsianoFalse Flag Format:Audiobook.Update: Since I received this review copy, the book has been bundled into a box set in ebook & audiobook format. Publisher’s Synopsis:1991: A plan to destabilise Hong Kong is emerging; the key players are being put into place, the wheelsContinue reading “False Flag (Frank Bowen)”

Gods of the Dark Web

Format:Audible. Publisher’s Synopsis:The internet is a scary place. Beneath Facebook and Twitter is another world. One in which anything can be obtained – for a price. A community of black markets, depraved pornography, and death. This is the dark web. Leon was just curious. He had heard the stories of the secrets and forbidden fetishesContinue reading “Gods of the Dark Web”

The Sam Savage Sky Marshal Boxed Set

Format:Audible. Publisher’s Synopsis:For the first time ever, all three hot-blooded Sam Savage Sky Marshal thrillers and mysteries come together to form this thrilling bundle. These nonstop-action and adventure thrillers are filled with the romance and mystery you would expect of Thriller Award-winner Vincent Zandri. They are not for the faint of heart! For fans ofContinue reading “The Sam Savage Sky Marshal Boxed Set”

SEAL’s Honor

Format:Audible Escape. Publisher’s Synopsis:Daniel “Sully” Sullivan had finished his final tour in Afghanistan as a Navy SEAL. He just lost his older brother and buddy in the latest tour in Afghanistan. He considers himself lucky to come out alive with all his limbs and no visible scars. Waiting for Sully at Baltimore is Samantha Murphy,Continue reading “SEAL’s Honor”


Xander is an erotic romance novella meant for 18+ adult readers only. It’s not the end if you still have a chance and the willingness to make it right. Anna AmbroseXander Format:Audible. ebook also available via Kindle Unlimited. Publisher’s Synopsis:NOTE: Xander is an erotic romance novella intended for audiences 18+. This novella is just overContinue reading “Xander”


Lucy is an erotic romance novella meant for 18+ adult readers only. She didn’t know why she had to prove herself this way, but she did. Anna AmbroseLucy Format:Audible. ebook also available via Kindle Unlimited. Publisher’s Synopsis:Note: Lucy is an erotic romance novella meant for 18+ adult readers only. This novella is roughly 13,000 wordsContinue reading “Lucy”