Born Again Sinner

I can’t even begin to express how many inappropriate, totally ill-timed, horribly sinful thoughts explode in my brain in this one instant. Daryl BannerBorn Again Sinner Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Life takes an unexpected turn for headstrong Army Soldier Cody Davis after sustaining a near-fatal injury saving his best friend’s life. Forced to return to his hometownContinue reading “Born Again Sinner”

Dragon Mated

He would be hers from now until he met his grave, and every moment in between would be worthwhile as long as she held onto him. Cassie ALexander & Kara LockharteDragon Mated Format:Audiobook Series link: Cassie Alexander or Kara Lockharte Publisher’s Synopsis:I always knew getting involved with a billionaire dragon-shifter would eventually involve broken hearts.Continue reading “Dragon Mated”

Dragon Fated

Damian howled in wordless agony inside. He had never known such pain – nothing had ever gotten the chance to hurt him so badly before. Cassie ALexander & Kara LockharteDragon Fated Format:Audiobook Series link: Cassie Alexander or Kara Lockharte Publisher’s Synopsis:That billionaire dragon-shifter I’ve been trying to avoid getting involved with? Yeah, I pretty muchContinue reading “Dragon Fated”

Dragon Destined

He wanted to hold her, protect her, solve all of her problems, and stop her from ever having more. Cassie ALexander & Kara LockharteDragon Destined Format:Audiobook Series link: Cassie Alexander or Kara Lockharte Publisher’s Synopsis: Author note: This is the first of a slow burn paranormal romance series featuring a hot dragon shifter hero: heckContinue reading “Dragon Destined”

Dragon Called

She didn’t know what would happen next, or how he was going to take her, only that he was—and that she wanted to let him. Cassie ALexander & Kara LockharteDragon Called Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:It’s always a bad idea to fall for a hot, mysterious billionaire with a spooky castle. Especially when you find out he’sContinue reading “Dragon Called”

Dragons Don’t Date

It’s like he was a moth and she was a flame. Cassie ALexander & Kara LockharteDragons Don’t Date Format:Audiobook Note: At the time of this review – this audiobook is free on Kobo. Publisher’s Synopsis:When dragon shifter billionaire Damian Blackwood is pressured into testing his new company’s dating app, the last thing he expects isContinue reading “Dragons Don’t Date”

The Guy Next Door

Taj leaned and kissed me like proximity and soft lips would break down the last barrier. DL WhiteThe guy Next Door Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:The magic of Potter Lake strikes again when Evonne Girard, cosmetologist and obsessed podcast fan, meets Taj Wright – registered nurse and musician – following a nasty fall in the parking lotContinue reading “The Guy Next Door”