Sandi Burrill and the Beach of Flames

Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:This is a fiery novel about the experience of teen lesbian love in a small seaside town amid a languorous summer in the upper-sixth. With one year remaining of sixth-form a tragic beach accident strikes the heart of a close-knit group of teenagers, killing two of their dear friends. As they attempt toContinue reading “Sandi Burrill and the Beach of Flames”

Robin Vernal and the Brownleaf Spring

Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:This is an enthralling novel about hope and reclaimed childhood set amid a blistering spring in the lower-sixth. When Danny Canterbury begins his first year in the new sixth-form at St Plunket’s he encounters new student Cherry Trove who has transferred from a school across town. Immediately entranced by the alluring Cherry, heContinue reading “Robin Vernal and the Brownleaf Spring”

Saffelia Forrest and the Snowfall Grove

Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:Saffelia Forrest and the Snowfall Grove is an intriguing mystery set amid the pale snow of a bleak winter in a dark forest. Sixteen year-old Saffelia has a problem for which she cannot ask her friends for help. Concealing the origin of her mysterious blackouts is becoming a constant struggle as she approachesContinue reading “Saffelia Forrest and the Snowfall Grove”

Chardelia Foss and the River of Fear

Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Chardelia Foss and the River of Fear is an engrossing romantic mystery thriller set in a gothic school in the North East of England. Fifteen year-old student Chardelia is growing up too fast. Her hometown Amberleigh, a small seaside community, is being threatened. Riddled with dramatic cliffs, gothic castles and abbeys, scenic waterfallsContinue reading “Chardelia Foss and the River of Fear”