Bring Me Back

I was happy not talking, but I also ached to hear her voice. Amy OliveiraBring Me Back Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Hallie Delos Santos was seventeen years old when she fled the small town of Bluehaven without looking back Five years later, she returns. With a past she refuses to talk about, Hallie needs to walk theContinue reading “Bring Me Back”

Method Acting

When I thought how sexy tuxes were, I had no idea how sexy half a tux could be. Adele BuckMethod Acting Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:All the world’s a stage until your heart is on the line. All Alicia Johnson has ever wanted is to be able to slip into someone else’s life, clothing, and makeup toContinue reading “Method Acting”

Acting Up

It wasn’t fair, him looking like that – those blue eyes and high cheekbones framed by that messy hair. Adonis escaped from the Muppet Show. Adele BuckActing Up Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:The stage is set for the play of a lifetime: but it’s the romantic drama backstage that has everyone applauding. Paul and Cath are theContinue reading “Acting Up”