Iron Hunters

You own it, or you’ll never survive. JP Oliver & Sasha GoldieIron Hunters Format:Audiobook Publisher’s Synopsis:Straight is the last word to describe me. But the club can’t know.  And I’m not about to jump out of that closet. Cleaning up the motorcycle club’s act is dirty business, and Slim is the one person I trust.Continue reading “Iron Hunters”

Straight as a Wheel

Leo was all of Zolt’s straight guy fantasies rolled into one. A biker, a mechanic, and now also a handyman with a belt of tools hanging from his waist. K. A. MerikanStraight as a Wheel Format:Audible. ebook also available via Kindle Unlimited. Publisher’s Synopsis:Your secret’s safe with me, Leo Heller. Whatever happens here, nobody willContinue reading “Straight as a Wheel”