Killin Santa

Santa’s bleeding and his elves shot at me. Kronos AnanthsimhaKillin Santa Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:A Three Decades Old FeudA Darkly Demented AssassinA Shootout on Christmas Eve Slade Heller, a gifted assassin, has no target to kill on Christmas Eve. He’s on a date with his handler, but is still itching for a kill. With the unbearableContinue reading “Killin Santa”

A Cold to Kill

Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:A Crew of SadistsA Vengeful AssassinA Deadly Snowstorm Slade Heller, a cold blooded assassin who works for Elysium Group (A PMC) is on a vacation in Paris when he’s abducted. Locked in a moving cold storage truck with other captives, Slade has to figure out the situation if he has to survive it.Continue reading “A Cold to Kill”

A Way to Kill

The operation had too much room for error and many chances for them to get killed. Kronos AnanthsimhaA Way to Kill Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:A Team of KillersA Dangerous MissionA Betrayed Assassin Slade Heller, an assassin for the Elysium Group(a PMC) has survived a bounty on his head and is exiled out of England. Now, he’sContinue reading “A Way to Kill”

A Day to Kill

Slade Heller would kill for a quiet day, but now he was killing just to survive. Kronos AnanthsimhaA Day to Kill Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:A Hunted AssassinA Corrupt SpymasterA Vengeful Gangster Slade Heller, an assassin for the Elysium Group (a Private Intelligence Company), is hunted as the target of a bounty hunt. He’s earned the wrathContinue reading “A Day to Kill”

A Time to Kill

Slade Heller was never a religious man, but the wall full of high-end weaponry made him want to pray in gratitude. Kronos AnanthsimhaA Time to Kill Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:Two Elusive TargetsOne Deceptive AssassinZero Chance for Error Slade Heller, a skilled assassin for the Elysium Group, is sent undercover into the mob to kill two targetsContinue reading “A Time to Kill”

A Shot to Kill

There were no rules in his code other than to not get caught and to not kill innocents. Kronos AnanthsimhaA Shot to Kill Format:ebook Publisher’s Synopsis:A Shot To Kill A Vengeful AssassinA Treacherous AssetA Paranoid Target Slade Heller, a young assassin, works for a private intelligence company called the Elysium Group. He’s sent to FloridaContinue reading “A Shot to Kill”